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Bob and Doug McKenzie Go Animated

Dave Thomas of SCTV glory sent to Quick Stop Entertainment a trailer for the upcoming Bob & Doug McKenzie animated series which hits next year. This was shown at New York Comic-Con in-between scheduling clusterfucks. I just want the...

Rick Moranis

Rick Moranis and Bert, Oatmeal Fans

The lesson here is that if you’re on a plane filled with Muppets, then you’re among friends. Direct link for the feedreaders. Why don’t I ever get on flights like this? *sniff*

Bob and Doug’s Two-Four Anniversary

I had no idea this had happened until Ken just sent me this, but that figures: it was broadcast this year in Canada, it’s now available on DVD in Canada and I myself am not in Canada. So. Come on, our friends to the North. Bob and Doug...