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There’s a lot of stuff that comes out, wanting you to snag them. Take this as your quick reference guide that will help you with answering the all important question: Should I spend my money on it? If you find the info here to be of use, do us a favor and purchase stuff from Amazon through us. Especially if you were going to buy the stuff anyway. That gives us kickbacks, which help pay for things. Like the server. And coffee. And therapy. Thanks.

Family Guy: It's a Trap Blu-Ray
Legend of the Guardians Blu-Ray
Shrek: The Whole Story Blu-Ray


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Oh the Being-Humanity…

Josh, Aidan, and Sally

It sounds like the lead-in to a joke, right? “A Vampire, a Werewolf, and a Ghost are sitting in their living room…” But it’s actually the premise on which America’s ostensible science-fiction network, SyFy, has based a new original series called Being Human, which they’ll begin airing on January 17th, 2011. The story concerns a vampire named “Aidan,” a werewolf named “Josh,” and a ghost named “Sally.” They all “live” together in an apartment in Boston, where they deal with vast vampire conspiracies, packs of roving werewolves, solving the mystery of their own deaths, and where they have deep conversations about how life has changed for them since they variously became monsters. It’s quirky, it’s fun, it’s new and original and it’s a Series! Except…

Except this is not a “New Original Series,” in any way that those three words make any real sense.


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Stuff: Googling “Henry Rollins Sucks” Just Got More Interesting

Henry Rollins in Suck

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world of pop culture. You don’t have time for it all. So we grab all the best bits and give them to you in a single post. Because somebody had to. Enjoy.

  • Okay, so the story‘s about Splendid Films, a German distributor. So while Dom might be interested in that, I’m more interested in the array of films that are coming: Conan, directed by Marcus Nispel (who brought you the Texas Chainsaw remake) and due in 2011; Tekken, directed by Dwight Little (who went and did a lot of television after Anacondas) ; and…

    …wait a second, a vampire comedy starring Iggy Pop, Malcolm McDowell and Rollins? Called Suck? Jesus, I wish we had a trailer.

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    Stuff: Fleeting Expletives = Deck Chairs on the Decency Titanic

    Many sites want you to spend all day reading their regurgitated press releases. We would never dream of wasting your time like that. But like this–this is fair game.

    Gremlin Shoe by Reebok
  • In a bit of retro madness/genius, Reebok is putting out shoes based on the movie Gremlins, which I’m sad to say, turns 25 this year. Shown is a snippet of the Gremlin shoe. There’s also a Mogwai shoe. No idea where you can get a pair for yourself, though. Source.
  • Is it possible? Can it be? After years of lamenting over the loss of funnyman Chevy Chasehe’s in a pilot for NBC that looks like it’ll get picked up for series? It’s called Community and I fear it will either be brilliant and last all of four episodes or be shit and last for all of four seasons. We shall see.
  • Death Note is going to be remade into a live-action film by Warner Brothers, or at least the first three volumes of the manga. The scribes who did Tarsem’s aforementioned War of the Gods are on board. Source.
  • (more…)

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    Stuff: Three Stooges Movie Idea Confuses Everybody But the Farrellys

    This is where we come together to talk pop culture news. And we do it with a quickness and a snarkness. Because some sites may have all day to write up 750 words based on a press release, but the rest of don’t have time for bullshit. So enjoy.

  • Okay, you know what? The Children looks disturbing as hell.

    Source. Direct video link for the feedreaders.

  • Eight of the James Bond flicks are available for $9.99 right now. Buy yours here.
  • (more…)

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    Win Ricky Gervais: Out of England on DVD!

    Ricky Gervais: Out of England HBO Comedy Special DVD cover art

    Hello, friends. Yes, Ricky Gervais, that mad funny bastard out of the UK, came over here and delivered his trademarked wrong comedy for this HBO comedy special. We’ve got five copies of the DVD wherein you get over an hour of comedy plus a bonus convo with the man himself. Want to win? Easy. Just enter using the form below–and enter once a day–you can enter every contest we have once a day, no joke there–and if we draw your name when the time comes, you win. Told you it was easy.


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    Headsup: Mad Movies From Japan and More

    There’s a slew of stuff that comes out all the time. People want you to buy it. Should you? I’ll try to help.

    Executive Koala DVD cover art
    The Rug Cop DVD cover art
    The World Sinks Except Japan DVD cover art

    Synapse has released three titles in their Minoru Kawasaki Collection. Who is Minoru Kawasaki? I knew of his work before I knew his name: since he’s the guy who brought you Calamari Wrestler, the…well, exactly what it sounds like: a squid who’s a professional wrestler. So you can appreciate the fact that his work is completely…you know, mental. Even if you can’t now, you will once we talk about these three titles. First up, the title Executive Koala is a bit of a giveaway: it’s the tale of a giant koala who’s suspected of murder. His boss is a giant rabbit. Oh, and there’s a giant frog who runs a store nearby. Other than that, things are fairly normal. You know, except for the whole slasher element. The DVD comes with making-of material. Then we have The Rug Cop, which is not a crime procedural set in Clive Barker‘s Weaveworld, it’s actually about a cop who uses his toupee as an offensive weapon. No, seriously. And the other cops he works with have additional equally silly traits. And this DVD actually has a decent array of stuff: a making-of featurette, press conference footage, and an extended introduction to the film. And lastly, there’s the best title I’ve heard in a long time: The World Sinks Except Japan. You know, these titles just get more self-explanatory as well roll along. Basically, all the land masses in the world–but Japan–sink. And so all the survivors are crowded onto the island of Japan, with plenty of crazed American immigrants on hand to present culture clashes and hijinks. This comes with a making-of, an intro, and an audio commentary. Should you buy them? Well, they’re not everybody’s cup of tea, to be sure. They are, after all, wacky Japanese movies and the DVDs revel in this. I think they’re worth watching at least by those who appreciate cult cinema or just films that are completely fucked in the head. So they’re worth a rental at the least. And at $22.49 (current price on Amazon), you might want to ensure they’ve got a rewatch factor before you buy. (Click here to buy Executive Koala on DVD from Amazon; Click here to buy Rug Cop on DVD from Amazon; Click here to buy World Sinks Except Japan on DVD from Amazon.)


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    Headsup for February 23, 2008

    An ongoing attempt to make sense of the onslaught of new swag that people want you to buy. Should you? I’ll try and help.

    The Aristocats Special Edition DVD Cover Art
    Margot at the Wedding DVD Cover Art
    Becoming Jane DVD Cover Art

    The Aristocats is back in a special edition, and while it’s not one of Disney‘s full-on Platinum Editions, it has a little bit to warrant it. A little, anyway. Mostly, the transfer is updated and looks a lot better than the previous release. But beyond that, there’s just bits and pieces that would interest us, since most kids find DVD player games about as interesting as a shoe that they can’t see. You get a deleted song, four minutes with the Brothers Sherman talking about the songs from the film (four minutes!), a gallery, and then two other pieces that are included because they have cats in them. First, a bit from the Disneyland series with Walt talking about cat history and the short “Bath Day” which has Figaro the cat in it. And that’s it. No commentary. Granted, this isn’t ranked up there with a Snow White or a Sleeping Beauty, but at least give us something. Ideally, Disney needs to start selling DVDs that appeal to both adults and children–like their classic films do. Put the hardcore Criterion-esque stuff on one disc, put the kid-friendly stuff on the second disc. I can solve problems like this–my rates are very reasonable. Anyway, if you don’t already own this, it’s worth having just for the film and the new transfer, especially if you have kids. (Click here to buy it from Amazon.)


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    Blasphemy! Blasphe-you! Blasphe-everybody!

    God from Monty Python Holy Grail

    Well, we were just talking about Ricky Gervais. But he, Stewart Lee, Philip Pullman (author of The Golden Compass), Prof. Richard Dawkins, Sir Jonathan Miller and many others are backing a campaign to get rid of the blasphemy laws in Britain. This after some fundamentalist Christians tried to smack Lee’s production of Jerry Springer: The Opera with blasphemy charges.

    They bring up some great points, like the concern over a teacher in Sudan being charged with blasphemy for the name of a teddy bear and the fact that it’s only Christianity that gets to bring such cases. You can check out the whole article over at Chortle.

    I wish them luck. I live in the southeastern United States, and over here Jesus still doesn’t want you to buy alcohol on Sundays.

    Anyway, I think we need a very worthwhile video to illustrate the point. Oh, look, here comes one now.

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