Headsup: Women– Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Tell if They’re International Double Agents…

Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment requests we note that it provided a free copy of the first DVD featured below. The opinions I share are my own.

Ah, the 90s…the days of the Clinton White House, double-reverse front pleated pants, Fuller House Season 1 DVDand of course, Full House on ABC. The story of widower Danny Tanner raising his three young daughters as part of a mixed family unit, it was ever a fan favorite, launching the careers of the Olsen Twins and showing America that John Stamos is so outrageously handsome he can even look good in a mullet. Last February series creator Jeff Franklin debuted its sequel, Fuller House, on Netflix, which this past Christmas was approved for a third season (now 18 episodes) to be released later this year. This sequel series follows the family’s eldest daughter D.J. Tanner-Fuller (now a widow herself) as she navigates raising her three sons with the help of friends and family. In addition to some fresh faces, the cast of the original series (minus the Olsen twins doubling as Michelle) returns, including original “dads” Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos (also one of the show’s producers). While the reboot has received mixed reviews from critics, it has already received two Teen Choice Awards (one for Choice Comedy TV Show and one to Candace Cameron Bure as Choice Actress in a TV Comedy) and a People’s Choice Award (Favorite Premium Comedy Series). Now out on DVD is the complete first season, which includes all thirteen episodes across two discs. Even though there is plenty of room for bonus features a la interviews with the creators and cast about what it’s like to breathe life into the story again after twenty years, etc, this set just features the episodes themselves (they may very well be waiting to include such extras in future releases, especially since the show is already in its third season). Since it’s a Netflix original you can obviously get it there, but if you don’t have that access (or you’re gifting to someone who doesn’t) and you’re a big fan of the Full / Fuller House world (also remember DVD sales is one way they judge whether or not to renew a series), you can currently snag the DVD on Amazon for $17.99.


Allied 4K Ultra HD Blu-raySo you meet this girl. She’s sexy. She’s smart. And (both of you being WWII spies) you have so much in common. But when it’s revealed that she might be working with the enemy and you either have to prove her innocent in three days or take her out, what’s a guy to do? Such is the quandary of Intelligence Officer Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) in Allied as he struggles to discover the truth about his wife Marianne (Marion Cotillard). Directed by the Academy Award-winning giant Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) and packed with the talent of two Oscar-winning co-stars, the film received favorable reviews from critics and fans alike, grossing $118 million worldwide during its theatrical run.  Allied is now out on DVD, Blu-ray Combo Pack, and 4k Ultra HD Combo Pack, the latter two featuring over an hour of extras. Bonus features on these include Guys and Gals (a featurette on the ensemble cast), ‘Til Death do Us Part (an examination of the relationship between the two main characters), From Stages to the Sahara (which discusses the film’s production design), A Stitch in Time (examining the Oscar-nominated costume design), Through the Lens (a special on Zemeckis and his direction of the film), as well as featurettes on the story, visual effects, vehicles, weapons, and awesome 1940s music of the film. Throughout all of the special features, you get a real sense of how excited and privileged the cast and crew felt to be part of this particular project (and to be working with the talent involved). All three media formats of the film are available on Amazon— currently the DVD goes for $14.99 (remember no bonus features on that one), the Blu-ray Combo Pack goes for $19.99, and the 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack goes for $26.99. Amazon also offers a digital rental option for $5.99 and both it and iTunes offer digital purchase for $14.99 (although note that you can get the DVD for the same price as that option). Basically, if you’re a fan of the film and have $6-$27 to spend, you have five different options of how to get it, so doubtless at least one will fit your needs.

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Stuff: New Daredevil, Old Zemeckis & Zombie Pets

Ben Affleck as Daredevil

Why didn't I just let Nic Cage have the role? Damn.

There are pop culture websites out there that want to stretch every little snippet of news into its own post. They’re squeezing blood from each metaphorical turnip they get hold of. Not us–we figure you don’t have time for that. So we squeeze the blood out for you and give it to you with a little umbrella in it.

That metaphor didn’t quite work out. Oh well. Enjoy.

  • Amazon‘s deal of the day is The Little Rascals: The Complete Collection for 68% off its usual price of $89.95. It’s $28.49 as I type this and will be that way for today or until they run out. It’s eight discs containing 80 original theatrically released shorts. Thought you might like to know. You can snag it here–but move if you’re gonna.
  • Yup, another Daredevil movie. Being handled still at Fox, who Variety confirms they need to keep this project in some form or fashion lest the rights revert. David Slade (30 Days of Night) has been tapped to helm–he’s also on board the previously mentioned Last Voyage of the Demeter. No scribe on board yet, but according to Hollywood Reporter they’re going for the Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli “Born Again” storyline. Okay, that could be interesting.
  • (more…)

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    Your Weekend Justice #91: A Little Bit Rasputin

    It’s the podcast that is tough enough to overstuff. It’s Weekend Justice: the podcast that knows when to hold em, not to mention when to fold em. This podcast was engineered–some might say over-engineered–by experts to escort you from the work week in the most chaotic manner possible. Please note: this podcast is profane, definitely oversexed and definitely overwrought. It is wrong and unsafe. You have been warned.




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    Your Weekend Justice #36: Time to Play “Where’s My Shiv?”

    Groovy Piano

    And we’re back. With even more wrongness than before. And it’s full of cholesterol too. As always, we’d like to apologize to pretty much everybody who listens and, in this case, everyone who took part. I sound like crap because my Comcast cable was down. I promise to return to my normal level of crap sound next time.

    Please note: this podcast, if you haven’t figured it out, is profane and not safe for consumption by children or animals. Or sentient creatures of any sort.


    • What is Arbor Mist?
    • Aaron saw a guy…
    • Invasion of the Body Simmers
    • Did a John Cage song just march through here?
    • Leigh’s excuse for being late
    • Help with German
    • Widge’s agenda
    • Oh crap, special surprise guest!
    • The ScottC Randomizer Button
    • More Sims weirdness
    • The Zemeckis curse
    • The Service Book Club
    • It’s the ServJoncast
    • Groovy
    • Widge cannot save you


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    1941 vs. The Empire Strikes Back

    1942 Star Wars Chewbacca

    Consider this the Needcoffee version of an Elseworlds story.

    After the monster success (pardon the pun) of Jaws, Steven Spielberg had his pick of projects. He passed on Jaws 2, Superman, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Spielberg’s love of the pulp/WWII era led him to start preproduction on a promising script from Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale titled 1941. However, it became clear that this movie was quickly turning into a expensive career-ending disaster. Does Spielberg admit defeat? No, he gives a friend a call.

    George Lucas was in pre-production hell. Trying to develop his “Adventures of Luke Starkiller, as taken from the Journal of the Whills, Saga I: The Star Wars” script to screen is proving to be a Herculean effort. Trying to explain to studio executives about Jedi Knights was taking most of his energy. One day, his friend Steven Spielberg gives him a call. During their conversation, Spielberg brought up how they always wanted to work on a project together. He suggests combining the WWII material he has with Lucas’ script and making something unique. A WWII science fantasy.

    As you can see above, the customization master Sillof took this theme and ran with it in his collection of Star Wars 1942 figures. But where’s the Leia figure dressed like Betty Grable?

    And in this Elseworlds tale, at least the Japanese accents of the Trade Federation would make sense.

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    Win Beowulf: Director’s Cut on HD-DVD!

    Beowulf Director

    You know, the only problem with running two contests, one for the DVD version and now this one for the HD-DVD version, is that I used all the obvious Beowulf jokes in the one that ran first. And I’m tired. So if you want the funny, you just need to head over there. Then come back here.

    But regardless, you know the drill: swords. Monsters. Angelina Jolie being scarier than usual. The Neil.

    The HD-DVD release has all the features of the Director’s Cut on DVD plus it’s in a hi-def transfer (naturally), and exclusive extras to this edition: a convo with Zemeckis, even more featurettes, and some more additional scenes.

    Want to win it? Great–we’ve got three copies of this one too, so go for it.


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    The Polar Express (2004) – DVD Review


    Written by Robert Zemeckis and William Boyle, Jr., based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg
    Directed by Robert Zemeckis
    Starring Tom Hanks, Leslie Zemeckis, Eddie Deezen, Nona Gaye, Peter Scolari, Charles Fleischer, and Steven Tyler


    • Never before seen additional song
    • Featurettes: “You Look Familiar: The Many Faces of Tom Hanks,” “A Genuine Ticket to Ride”
    • Profile of author Chris Van Allsburg
    • “I Believe” performed live by Josh Groban
    • Music featurette
    • Game: “Polar Express Challenge”
    • “Meet the Snow Angels: The Moviemaker’s Christmas Memories”
    • THQ PC Game Demo with 2 Playable Levels
    • DVD-ROM weblink

    Released by: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
    Rating: G
    Region: 1
    Anamorphic: Yes.

    My Advice: Rent it.


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    Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) – DVD Review

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit DVD cover art


    Written by: Jeffrey Price & Peter S. Seaman, based on the novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit? by Gary K. Wolf
    Directed by: Robert Zemeckis
    Starring: Bob Hoskins, Charles Fleischer, Kathleen Turner, Christopher Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy


    • All three Roger Rabbit shorts
    • Who Made Roger Rabbit? documentary, hosted by Fleischer
    • Trouble in Toowntown game
    • Running audio commentary with director Zemeckis, screenwriters Price & Seaman, producer Frank Marshall, associate producer Steve Starkey, and visual effects supervisor Ken Ralston
    • “Toowntown Confidential” subtitled option with facts and trivia
    • Deleted scene: “The Pig Head Sequence” with an intro by Zemeckis
    • Before and After – split-screen comparison with and without animation
    • Behind the Ears behind-the-scenes documentary
    • Toon Stand-Ins featurette
    • On Set! Benny the Cab making-of sequence
    • The Valiant Files interactive gallery with character designs, production artwork and posters

    Released by: Buena Vista
    Region: 1
    Rating: PG
    Anamorphic: Yes.

    My Advice: Own it.


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    Cast Away (2000) – Movie Review

    Cast Away movie poster

    Written by: William Broyles, Jr.
    Directed by: Robert Zemeckis
    Starring: Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Nick Searcy, Christopher Noth

    My Advice: Wait and Rent It.

    Chuck Noland (Hanks) is an efficiency expert for Federal Express. He travels around the world, preaching the doctrine that no time should be wasted. For Noland, speed is all that separates FedEx from becoming the Postal Service. So wrapped up is he in his career that many times his relationship with his fiancee, Kelly (Hunt), takes a back seat. During the holidays, he is called overseas to handle an efficiency emergency for the company. But he never reaches his destination. Due to a fairly spectacular plane crash, he finds himself washed up on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. His chances for rescue slim to none, he must find a way to stay alive, despite the odds being stacked against him.


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