32 Days of Halloween IX, Day 28: Masque of the Red Death (1964)

Masque of the Red Death (1964)

Kids today…I don’t think they appreciate how far we’ve come with Halloween costume technology. As you will see in what we have below, a Woolworth’s commercial from 1977, you weren’t so much going as the thing you wanted to go as…but more the idea of it. And in some cases, you weren’t even really going as it…notice the Superman costume has a cheap red mask involved. The Toys R Us commercial from 1985 isn’t much improvement.

So all you kids with your tiny muscle outfits and your molded plastic (that doesn’t slice your eyeballs) and such, watch these and appreciate living in the future.


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32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 5: Monster From the Ocean Floor!

Monster From the Ocean Floor!

We’ll get to our feature presentation shortly, but before then a couple of stops: firstly, Christopher Lee is on hand to read Dracula for you. And more than that, someone’s taken the 1966 comic adaptation and put the two together. Then, since we’ve got a Corman-produced flick for today’s main event, poking about for more Corman-related material found 1990’s TV special, Horror Cafe, in which Clive Barker does a sort-of expanded Dinner for Five routine. Among those in to have a nosh are Corman, John Carpenter and Ramsey Campbell. If you feel the onset of cheese, just keep telling yourself over and over: “It’s only 1990, it’s only 1990…”


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A Conversation With Joe Dante

Joe Dante

For over four decades Joe Dante has been one of America’s most prolific film directors. Emerging from Roger Corman‘s cadre of talented filmmakers in the late 1970s, he quickly established himself as a versatile director who could work within several genres while oftentimes employing a regular group of returning actors from project to project.

His filmography is nothing short of amazing. Consisting of both cult and commercial hits including Piranha, Rock n’ Roll High School, The Howling, Police Squad, Gremlins, Gremlins 2, Innerspace, Looney Tunes: Back In Action and Matinee. Dante also has worked in television, directing episodes of The Twilight Zone, Amazing Stories, CSI: New York and Hawaii Five-O. He also was a Creative Consultant and director for Eerie Indiana.


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32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 30: Not of This Earth (1957)

Not of This Earth (1957)

Tonight has been, in the long-standing history of 32 Days of Halloween, a night for vampires. And we’re not going for your traditional bloodsuckers…instead we look to vampires from space! Because when your planet needs blood, send somebody out to get take out from the humans. Earth, a blood bank that’s open 24/7. Such is the original Not of This Earth.

What’s weird is that while I knew this had been remade with Traci Lords in 1988…I had no idea it had been remade again in 1995 with Michael York of all people. Also in this original 1957 Corman-directed classic…Dick Miller. Of course.


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32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 28: House of Usher (1960)

House of Usher (1960): Vincent Price and Mark Damonq

Yes, we posted the trailer last year but now it’s time to enjoy the entirety of Roger Corman‘s take on House of Usher from 1960. The first of Corman’s series of films based on (but more simply “inspired by” as time went on) Poe, it has many things to commend it: an awesome array of costumes and sets that are 60s-horror-cinematastic; the script by Richard Matheson; and Vincent Price rocking the role of Roderick with so much gravitas it’s amazing any light could escape. Fun as hell, it’s amazing–even knowing that it’s Corman–that it was shot in fifteen days. (That fact per Wikipedia, which is always right.) Enjoy.

Update: The full film is gone, so we’ll drop back to the trailer and punt…


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32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 9: X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes

X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes book logo

It’s Roger Corman Night on 32 Days of Halloween, so we revisit something we originally posted just the trailer for–but now the entire film has been posted online, so we will take full advantage and bring you the Ray Milland-starring classic, X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes. If you’ve never seen it, you’re in for a damn treat, friend. What happens when you give yourself x-ray vision, but the lark of being able to see past the clothes of pretty girls gives way to going deeper. And then deeper. And then beyond. And then…well, that would be telling. It’s one of Corman’s most effective science fiction/horror outings, if you ask me. Enjoy.


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32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 1: Night of the Blood Beast

Night of the Blood Beast

We’re sticklers on tradition around here when it comes to 32 Days of Halloween, so understand when I say that Movie Night #1 is generally a random pick with no real theme. That being said, pointing you to Night of the Blood Beast is still rather calculated. It is the epitome of so much of what we enjoy about films we watch during this mad festival. It’s produced by Roger Corman. It’s directed by Bernard L. Kowalski, who would go on to helm the completely bonkers Attack of the Giant Leeches. And even if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, do yourself and at least watch through the open credits. Because the music is, again, dead-on what we love about these sort of films. And did I mention the film is bloody terrible? Because it is godawful. Enjoy.

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32 Days of Halloween V, Movie Night No. 15: Attack of the Crab Monsters!

Attack of the Crab Monsters

The fifteenth movie night of 32 Days of Halloween has dealt in the past with the sprawling mayhem of the “atomic monsters” subgenre. We’re going with Attack of the Crab Monsters, directed by Roger Corman and released in 1957. What happens when one expedition you’ve sent out to research the after effects of atomic testing in the Pacific goes missing? You send another one, of course! Because when you buy expeditions in bulk, it’s cheaper that way.

And is it just me or does the opening scrawl read exactly like the opening briefing you would get in a video game? Corman was a visionary! Enjoy!

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