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Take Back Valentine’s Day Contest

Okay, here’s the deal. Dentyne and Needcoffee have joined forces to bring you a contest for Valentine’s Day. And not because blasting your date with coffee breath is a bad idea on Valentine’s Day or any day for that...

Foreign DVD Megadose

Belle Epoque. While trying to escape from the Spanish Civil War, young Fernando is befriended by Amalia, a free-thinking artist. They talk of life and religion and politics. Things get complicated as they usually do by women. Specifically...

Sorata and Arashi from X

Top 10 Couples in Anime and Manga

The character of love in both anime and manga is as varied and different as the titles themselves, delving into forbidden love, desperate love, sweet love, young love, first love, and final love, but just like the real world, no two people...

No, I’m Just Really Hungry

What would happen if Danny Boyle decided to remake My Boyfriend’s Back? This, apparently. Direct link for the feedreaders. Previously: Screaming Girls!; Sydney Craves the Flesh of the Living; Double Carnage! I Love it!