Sandman’s Three Gs: Gaiman, Gordon-Levitt & Goyer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morpheus from Sandman

So, as had it, “Joseph Gordon-Levitt to direct and star in Sandman movie, possibly the first in a multi-film franchise.” Granted, JGL clarified later on that he was only on board (for the moment) as a producer. David S. Goyer is, of course, also attached to produce.

As long-time followers of the Sandman film adaptation debacle will recall: this film has been stuck in development hell for over a decade and a half–and thankfully so. The most recently discussed draft had capes and superhero-esque origins and all kinds of foolishness. So thankfully, this iteration looks basically exactly like I said it would need to look, in order to get me interested: it looks like they’ve erased literally all of the film script work done on it, to this point, and started over from scratch. And I’m okay with that.


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Stuff You Need to Know: Marvel Cinematic Universe Boxed Set to Come With Light-Up Soul of Marsellus Wallace

A primer for these posts: they’re to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world of pop culture. Just the highlights and such, because the market on paraphrasing press releases is more than taken. Enjoy.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Blu-Ray Limited Edition

  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One boxed set just got a great deal sexier. On September 25th, it’s coming in a briefcase with a replica of the Cosmic Cube that actually glows. I mean…Jesus Christ, people. It also comes with an exclusive bonus disc. You can pre-order it here.
  • (more…)

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    Top 5 Comics That Get Magic Right

    Friends, please welcome Wolven to our cast of characters around here. He’s constantly going off on various subjects on his Twitter account, including magic, so I invited him to come and deliver a thesis on pop culture and magic–and his first target is comics. Enjoy.

    John Constantine

    Hello, gentle readers. My name’s Wolven. While you might have seen my name and linkage on a sidebar, or a random source attribution from our man Widge, there’s a lot you probably don’t know about me. Like the fact that my ribs are more cartilage than bone; or that some days I’m pretty sure that I’m a random government-funded genetic/social experiment; or that I freaking love comics. I love comics with a ridiculous love, and I have since I was a child. I am, by rights, a nerd. A geek. A person with intense interests less known and less understood than those of the so-called norm. And not only am I a geek, I am a geek with professional, academic, and personal interests in magic and the occult. So when Widgett approached me about doing a guest column concerning the Top 5 Comics That Get Magic Right, I damn near fell off of my couch. Luckily I was lying down at the time.


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    Neil Gaiman Pre-Orders on Amazon

    Neil Gaiman

    Looks like a goodly number of new titles by The Neil have hit Amazon. Sure, they’re not coming out till next year, but we like the pre-order discount, and on a lot of these you get an additional 5% off. And if the price drops (again, on most of these–be sure you read the fine print) you get the lowest price. And if memory serves, they only charge you when the thing ships. So, you know, rock.

    Here’s the rundown for those of you who, like us, are going to order these anyway. If you do, do it through us, would you? All the kickbacks we get go into improving the site. And honestly, have you been here? We could use a lot of improvement. Much obliged.

    The Graveyard Book. If you’ve read or listened to M is for Magic, then you got a sneak preview of this with “The Witch’s Headstone.” The book is available to pre-order by clicking here and the audiobook if you click here. And I don’t have any cover images, but Neil posted some pics of the book he hand wrote it in here. (I really admire that…without a keyboard, I’m hopeless. Usually with a keyboard I’m not much better, but still.) I’m not sure who’s reading the audiobook, but my first guess would be Neil. He does a lot of that, and he’s awfully good at it.


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    John Watkiss: Sandman Development Art

    John Watkiss: Sandman Development Art

    Neil Gaiman points out that the development paintings John Watkiss created to try and explain Sandman to Warner Brothers Films are now posted on Watkiss’ blog and for sale. As you might imagine (and the screenplays of Sandman I’ve read would attest to), few are the people in Hollywood who have an inkling of what Sandman is about. Or how to translate it to the screen.

    I’ve posted a snippet of what appears to be a roll call of the Season of Mists cast of characters. That being my favorite story arc, I would love to have this in poster form. I shudder to think what the original artwork must cost. More reason to rob banks for a living, I guess, instead of being a webmaster.


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    Sandman Absolute Edition Available for Pre-Order

    Okay, look. Let’s just be honest with one another, right? The Absolute Edition of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, which reprints the first twenty issues of the series, looks positively badass. Not only is it ultrahuge, hardcover and slipcased, but it features new and improved coloring on the first eighteen issues (approved by Gaiman and the creative crew) plus bonus bits: for example, the script for “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the only comic story in history to win a World Fantasy Award. Or at least it was last time I checked, since they changed the rules to exclude comics shortly afterwards and I never heard if they ever changed them back. There’s also Vess’ original pencils for the issue and more.

    Why am I telling you this?

    Because you, like me, are going to break down and buy this. It’s just a fact. So why not buy it through the site and get us some kickbacks? You win, we win, everybody who’s important in this equation wins. Thankee.

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    Death: The High Cost of Living – Comic Review

    Death: The High Cost of Living cover art


    Written by Neil Gaiman
    Illustrated by Chris Bachalo, Mark Buckingham, and Dave McKean
    Colors by Steve Oliff of Olyoptics
    Letters by Todd Klein
    Introduction by Tori Amos
    Published by DC/Vertigo

    Contents: All 3 issues of the limited series, plus Death Talks About Life
    Price: $12.95 USD

    My advice: Own it.

    You there! Yes, you… the one hiding behind the guy in the red shirt. You don’t know who Death and the Endless are? Sigh. Okay, here’s the deal: Gaiman created the Endless for his series, The Sandman. Basically, these siblings are all personifications of universal forces: there’s Destiny, Desire, Dream, Death, Delirium, Destruction, and Despair. Death, with whom we are interested here, is a young, beautiful, perky little goth-girl with whom you’d really like to hang out. Once every hundred years, Death walks as a human among us, to remember what it’s like to be alive.


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