My Name is Khan (2010) – Movie Review

My Name is Khan poster

Written by: Shibani Bathija with dialogue by Shibani Bathija & Niranjan Iyengar
Directed by: Karan Johar
Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Jimmy Shergill, Sonya Jehan, Yuvaan Makaar

Widge’s Note: I think everybody knows that I have a fondness for Bollywood films because there’s just nothing else like them. Apart from some exceptions, sadly, I can’t keep up with the output of the Indian movie industry like I would like, so I’ve called in some reinforcements. So please welcome our new Bollywood movie reviewer, Adarsh. Hailing from India and currently working here stateside, he’s going to check in from time to time with some Indian movie picks. Which I’m excited as hell about. Take it away, Adarsh…

This is Karan Johar’s fourth movie as a director–his previous three have been blockbusters all starring Shah Rukh Khan and two of them have had Kajol as lead actress. As a result, the expectations of this movie are sky high, particularly as these three are working together after a gap of nearly a decade. The subject of My Name is Khan is definitely the most different, realistic and risky they have undertaken as a team. Realistic and different mainly because their films before have all been typical Bollywood “larger than life” romantic movies. Risky because the audience for a movie with this theme is usually limited, but with Khan’s star power (capable of pulling in the initial audiences, which could grow if the material is Good) it’s a gamble that should pay off. I could as well call this Bollywood’s answer to Forrest Gump!


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Stuff You Need to Know, Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Goonies Musical!
  • So this is…somewhat alarming. I read an article on Variety about Richard Donner and how The Goonies has had such staying power and a rabid fanbase. And then, out of the blue, Mr. Donner threw even a curveball at my head: “I’m in the process of trying to get it done as a musical on Broadway. Wouldn’t that be great?” You’re kidding, right? The article: “The director has already met with former Broadway entertainment attorney John F. Breglio, and Donner seems confident things are moving in the right direction.” Wait. You’re not kidding? “
    [Donner’s] even figured out where to break for intermission: right after the kids fall through the hole, with the second half unfolding underground.” Wow. You are seriously not kidding. Wow.
  • Amazon has got an Amazon sale for Halloween. DVDs start at $4.99. Including Monsters Crash the Pajama Party. Nice. See the sale here.
  • (more…)

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    Shahrukh Khan is Bollywood Spider-Man?

    Shah Rukh Khan

    Okay, so this is fascinating. At first I was going to give this news a pass, since when you see Bollywood Spider-Man it could mean anything. Would it be on a level with Italian Spider-Man or Japanese Spider-Man?

    No…it’s apparently an entirely different kind of flying…altogether. How do we know this? Shahrukh Khan is going to be Spider-Man. Shahrukh Khan is a huge freaking Bollywood star. I mean huge. And no pun intended, but apparently io9 makes mention of the fact that this Spider-Man will fly.

    However, as I read the Hindustan Times article, they keep saying this is along the lines of Spider-Man rather than actually being Spider-Man. But basically they’re inspired by the box office performance of the Spider-Man flicks–and the fact that the Bollywood superhero flick Krrish, as I understand it, did well.


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    Bollywood School to Hit UK

    Bollywood Calling DVD cover art

    I know I’ve said this in some of the reviews I’ve done of Bollywood films, but Bollywood films are awesome. For the most part, they follow certain patterns. They’re all around three hours long. They all have comic relief characters. They all have love triangles. They all…are musicals. It doesn’t matter what the genre: they’re all musicals. Oh, and they also have some of the most erotic sequences you’ve ever seen…where no one kisses. No joke.

    Now you too can learn the Bollywood style of acting, thanks to the offshoot of Mumbai’s Actor Prepares academy, which will be located in Ealing in the UK.

    You can read the full story here. But there is one thing you should know that might sell you on the notion of enrolling.


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    Asoka (2001) – DVD Review

    Asoka DVD


    Written by: Saket Chaudhary & Santosh Sivan, with dialogue by Abbas Tyrewala
    Directed by: Santosh Sivan
    Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Ajit Kumar, Danny Denzongpa


    • Theatrical Trailer
    • Filmographies
    • Two featurettes: “The Making of Asoka” and “The Making of Asoka: The Big Fight”

    Released by: First Look
    Region: 1
    Rating: R
    Anamorphic: No.

    My Advice: Rent it.

    Asoka (Khan) is a warrior and a damn good one. He’s a prince of Magadha in the third century BCE, on the Indian subcontinent. History shows him to be the conqueror who laid down his sword and turned to Buddhism, eventually becoming responsible for spreading the belief system to the vast majority of Asia. Before he got to that point, though, this film provides a fictional background to support his conversion: due to circumstances involving a brother (Kumar) who wants him dead, Asoka must go into exile and renounce his title of prince. While living as a normal citizen, he runs into some more royalty on the lam: Princess Kaurwaki (Kapoor) and Prince Arya (Suraj Balaje) from Kalinga, who seek safety after witnessing their parents’ murder. Now with Asoka (calling himself “Pawan” after his horse) in their party, it’s only a matter of time before he finally wins over the heart of the princess–and sets down a path of much trouble.


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    Devdas (2002) – DVD Review

    Devdas DVD cover art


    Written by: Sanjay Leela Bhansali & Prakash Kapadia, based on the novel by Saratchandra Chatterjee
    Directed by: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
    Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit, Jackie Shroff, Kiron Kher


    • Behind the scenes featurette
    • Footage from the world premiere at Cannes
    • Footage from the Indian premiere
    • Promos and showreel
    • “Forthcoming Attractions of Bollywood”
    • Best Scenes of Khan, Rai and Dixit
    • Booklet regarding the film

    Released by: Eros
    Region: 1
    Rating: PG
    Anamorphic: Yes

    My Advice: Rent it.


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