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Needcoffee’s Shark Week: Day Seven

Over the past week, we've explored many different kinds of sharks, and I would like to think that learning about how varied and wonderful sharks are is more exciting than endless footage of great whites and tiger sharks chomping on things...

Needcoffee’s Shark Week: Day Six

Now that we've met several very different species of sharks, it's time to look at their ancestors. And to help us do that, here are a few books and things to consider.

Needcoffee’s Shark Week: Day Five

Welcome back! Today we’re wrapping up our exploration of fifteen different species of sharks. To catch up on the previous ten (and the rest of our Shark Week posts), go here. We have a few “normal”-looking sharks, and then...

Needcoffee’s Shark Week: Day Two

Our first selection today is also a childhood favorite of mine (I used to look at the pictures in it every time I got my eyes dilated at the ophthalmologist's), and to me is the book equivalent of the Blue Planet series.

Needcoffee.com’s Shark Week: Day One

And now, as the summer comes to its climax, and "Shark Weak" approaches, I just yawn. This year, I checked the programming, thinking that since it was the 20th anniversary year, perhaps the shows would be good.