Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: The Krofft Musical

Witchiepoo Tribute

Each week, we know there’s a very good chance you’re having to face down at least five days of madness. And not even the good kind of madness, either. We’re talking the mind numbing insanity that comes with the day job. It’s okay–we’ve been there. And we find that starting things off with a good dose of WTF-ness can make all the difference. Here’s your recommended dosage for this week:

Since making musicals that range from bland to downright gag-ridden is the new frontier (case in point: the upcoming Spider-Man musical…which I won’t link up here, it’s that heinous…Google the video premiere of bits of it at your peril) I came across this TV Land musical tribute to Sid & Marty Krofft. Now…there’s nothing wrong with the Kroffts–in fact, there’s a whole lot right with them. They brought hallucinogenic kids shows to all of us. But what’s fascinating is how this clip doesn’t walk the line between actually somewhat endearing tribute and horrible stage production…it teeters and falls into one, then clambers up and makes its way up only to crash off the other side. And then repeats the process.

Also weird? The Clint Black portion is actually my favorite. Go figure.

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Stuff: Krofft Properties Being Mined By Hollywood

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters
  • Sigmund and the Seamonsters is going to be a live action film, so they say. Land of the Lost, with its $100M budget, has wrapped and is due out in June, and apparently Universal feels so snappy about it, they’ve cut the deal to go back to the Krofft well. Dana Gould (Simpsons) is scribing. The Variety article also points out that Sony is working up a H.R. Pufnstuf live action flick to be helmed possibly by Conran Vernon (director of Shrek 2 and voice of the Gingerbread Man). The Kroffts want to make all of their properties into feature films, including, yes, you guessed it: Bigfoot and Wildboy. Source: Variety.
  • Missed Dark Knight in cinemas? No worries. Warner Brothers is going to re-release the flick for Oscar season, at least at IMAX screens, but they’d be stupid not to bring it back to regular cinemas as well. I bet you they would make a little more coin. Also, here’s something WB needs to do: the moment they’ve squeezed all the green juice they can from screens, release a single-disc edition that’s bare bones. The fanbase is so rabid for the film, they’ll buy it by the hordes. Then come out with your two-disc or three-disc special edition in time for whatever major holiday is next. Then have your ubermongo limited edition insane bit for right before Batman Begins 3 comes out. I know that sounds like I’m advocating triple-dipping, but if people will buy it, why shouldn’t a studio? If there’s a market for people wanting to legitimately own the movie before an uber-edition is ready to hit shelves, then go for it, I say. Regardless, the DVD is set to hit in November. If they do go for a three-disc out of the starting gate, it will crush all other feature film releases. Bet on it. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
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    Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Blow Your Mind Away

    Krofft Supershow

    Yes, it’s the opening to the first season of The Krofft Supershow. Watching this and the opening to the second season (included after the break), I found my brain simply switching off. So this is perfect sorbet material.

    And it looked like that first opening featured the Omni in Atlanta, and sure enough, it appears that’s right.

    Anyway, just a warning: we cannot be held responsible for this theme song getting lodged in your head.

    Update: There appear to be no embeddable versions of the opening credits. So here are links to the first season and second season. If they get re-embeddable, somebody please tell me.

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