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Win Sin City on Blu-Ray!

So Sin City is hitting Blu-Ray on April 21st from Miramax. And you know how we feel about the film. But now you’ve got both cuts of the film, eight hours of bonus material, plus an interactive game and you’re able to watch the...

Neko City: Hell of a Way to Create a Handbag

So originally I scoffed at the idea that Sanrio is targeting their Hello Kitty products to young men now. And not to sound like a sexist bastard, but come on, Hello Kitty is quite possibly the most girly-girl thing in the world. Even young...

Sin City DVD cover art

Sin City (2005) – DVD Review

"If you haven't seen the film, give this a rental. Be warned that it's violent as six hells, though. But it's a freaking blast. But as far as owning? Wait for the special edition."