Your Weekend Justice #100: We Shave the Turkey and Stroke the Bacon

It’s Weekend Justice: hitting its 100th episode. We recorded this mostly live with a number of horrible, disfiguring technical difficulties and a very patient Ustream audience, who we all love dearly. This podcast was engineered–some might say over-engineered–by experts to escort you from the work week in the most chaotic manner possible. Please note: this podcast is profane, definitely oversexed and definitely overwrought. It is wrong and unsafe. You have been warned.


Willard Scott


  • Preliminary alcohol report
  • Marvel Universe Scott?
  • Leigh finally drinks
  • Serv brings the orgy
  • Brownie demands
  • More alcohol report and Widge has a child-proof beer
  • Full access pants
  • Black Lodge vs. Menstrual Hut
  • Leigh vs. the uterus pinata
  • NCIS news and a painful squee
  • Electroflush!
  • The podcast laps itself about Leigh’s lap
  • The Sound Board (not the podcast) brings about Skynet and the end of the world
  • Weekend Justice vs. the Killer Island
  • Inexplicable poker discussion
  • (more…)

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The Sarah Connor Chronicles: “Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point”

Sarah Connor

Humans and their thinking, autonomous creations have had a rough relationship for a long damn time and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (T:SCC) was looking to change that, right around the time it got canceled. I’ve gone off at great length about what I call the twin heads of this relationship, namely “the Pinocchio Complex” and the “Frankenstein/Shellian Syndrome” (again, 1 here, 2 here, 3 here, 4 here, 5 here, 6 here, 7 here, 8 here, and most recently 9 right here ). Pinocchio Complex stories are those where the creation wants to be a “Real Boy,” and, in the end, to some degree or another, gets to be. In Frankenstein/Shellian Syndrome (F/SS) stories, the creation may start out wanting to be real or it may start out confused or with a clear purpose–but the hubris of the creator is shown and she is forced to try to destroy it, ultimately being destroyed by it. This last has been around at least since the ancient tale of the Golem created by a Rabbi to wipe the land clean of those who would oppress and kill Jews, and that really speaks to the age of this feeling, in humanity.


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Exploring the Coffee/Skynet Connection

Farberware Coffee Robot

We’ve been keeping an eye on Skynet for some time now. And it occurs to us that, just like in Terminator 2, the people who bring about our computer overlords will probably not have any idea what they’re bringing about. Innocently, they will bring about the end of the world as we know it. And they’ll probably be geeks. Which means they’ll probably be coffee drinkers.

This theory of mine is underscored by the following video, in which…well, just watch for yourself:

Direct link for the feedreaders. (Found at Hobbymedia via GeekAlerts.)


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SmartPal V to Help Around the House, Save Endangered Species

SmartPal V

In our ongoing countdown to the rise of Skynet, we thought we should point out the SmartPal V, a domestic helper robot who can not only vaccuum but will also be used (showing here) to encourage pandas to mate faster and thus bring the species back to a healthy population. We’ve included a sample below:


Of course, Skynet, when it strikes, will be insidious. It’ll be all understanding and helpful on that end of things, but on the other…


Absolutely insidious. Found via Engadget.


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Colors Are Overrated Digest #5

Lisa Snellings-Clark: 'Sigh.  Yes, it was black.'
  • While it’s true that Lisa Snellings-Clark‘s latest item isn’t exactly full-on black, “Sigh. Yes, It Was Black” has the spirit of black to it. So it qualifies.
  • The Emperor workstation/chair is ridiculously cool. And it’s a nice example of why black is important. That chair simply wouldn’t look as impressive/daunting if it were, say, white. Or orange. Although if pink, all it would need is a Hello Kitty logo on the back and it would probably sell like mad. And actually, probably already does in Japan.
  • Sometimes, there’s just too much in the way of good shirts. And as much as I love Buddy Cthulhu, I might have to go with this one once it gets reprinted.
  • J!nx is back with another shirt that combines gaming and energy drinks for a one-two geek punch.
  • And speaking of good shirts, Last Exit to Nowhere returns to torment me by teasing us with our doom.
  • (more…)

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    Skynet Watch: Robo-Jellyfish

    Okay, so the signs are all coming together: Skynet will be among us any day now. And not content to rule the land, robots will soon be swarming the oceans. How do we know? Because they always start off so cute and cool…like in toys.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    Those are lifelike robotic jellyfish that are made by Sony. I did look around for them on sale in the U.S. and I don’t think anyone has them yet. If somebody knows something to the contrary, please let me know and I’ll post it here.

    Found at C00l Stuff via Dark Roasted Blend.

    Now if you aren’t content with jellyfish that mimic life and you figure, hey, if we’re going for robots I want to see robots…I got something for you after the break.

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    Yuno Coffee Mug: The First Mug That Needs Anti-Virus

    Yuno Coffee Mug by Yanko Design

    We’ve got toasters that communicate with the net, coffee makers that can communicate with the net, and now…your travel mug? Well, that’s the concept, anyway, of the Yuno Coffee Mug by Yanko Design. Do we really want a travel mug to be able to betray us when Skynet hits?

    Also, if you’re getting traffic alerts on your mug–people can barely work their car stereos, now they’re having to eyeball their travel mug while driving? I dunno, guys. Sounds like mayhem in the making. But still, you can’t fault them for trying. Their hearts are in the right place:

    It lets you enjoy the morning the way you deserve to, stress free and highly caffenaited


    Sounds like bliss. Bliss with a horrible fiery automotive death later on, but bliss for the moment. Found via Engadget.

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