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Win The Smurfs: Smurfy Tales on DVD!

It’s another Smurfs release: this time it’s five additional episodes in the volume called Smurfy Tales. In addition to the episodes, Warner Brothers tells us: Bonus features for this title include “Meet the Smurfs,”...

Win The Smurfs on DVD!

Warner Brothers has released a new DVD of Smurfs episodes, with five episodes that are new to DVD (i.e. not on the Season 1 releases). There’s also a bonus featurette. In fact, have a taste of it:

Smurfs to Get Smurfed Over By Hollywood

Columbia/Sony are now on board for a Smurfs movie. This after negotiations with the Snorks fell through at the eleventh hour and the Smurfs made a killer deal that the producers couldn’t refuse. “I’m not going to mince...