Why We Think Parkour Is Cool

Daredevil and Spider-Man

Last time we spoke, I said I’d have more to say about Parkour at a later date. Well that date is now. Several weeks ago, the website AmericanParkour.com reported that Parkour had been explicitly banned, in name, in the Battery Park area of NYC. This caused a flurry of Internet reaction from those connected to or concerned with practicing the art of Parkour, including yours truly (see picture at right *ahem*).

Fortunately, when they issued an update on the situation, it became clear that we were all over-reacting, and that the supposed “parkour ban,” was really just the same NYC Law 2008/042 (File Int 0721-2008), “prohibiting climbing, jumping or suspending of oneself from structures.” This is for the best, because it means that traceurs (a term for those who practice the art) are not specifically prohibited from doing Parkour, provided they are in or on spaces and structures that have been approved for Parkour. Ideally, this means that the door is still open for those in the NYC Parkour community to have a conversation with those in power, to start working to craft more Parkour-friendly legislation. This can have multiple benefits.


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Your Weekend Justice #82: Casual Encounters in Dark Places

Oh hell, you forgot to caulk up the windows…look what’s come inside: another episode of Weekend Justice. Engineered by experts to escort you from the work week in the most chaotic manner possible. Please note: this podcast is profane, definitely oversexed and potentially underdeveloped. It is wrong and unsafe. You have been warned.


Werewolf spell


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Stuff: Johnny Carson Leaves the Salt Mine and Gets Digital

Johnny Carson Carnac

Some sites want you to actually read a bunch of blog posts full of information that you don’t need. Who the hell has time for that? We don’t think you do. So one post, as we get around to it, with info you need to know. And so you didn’t find out about it five minutes after it happened. We don’t think you care. So enjoy. And if you decide you want to buy something we discuss…please do so through the link or through the Amazon search box to your right on the page. It helps us keep the lights on.

  • Amazon has some deals you should be aware of. First up, the Megaset of the complete Kids in the Hall is going for $41.99, which is 58% off the regular price of $99.95. And that’s today only, so if you move swiftly you can still catch it here. Also, clothing-wise, they’re doing a back to school sale with $10 off of $50 and $25 off of $100. Click here for more info on that deal.


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    Stuff: New Actors Playing Peter Parker, Jung and Freud – But Not in the Same Film, Mind You

    Andrew Garfield

    There’s a lot of entertainment news going on. You honestly don’t need to know most of it. And the bits you do need to know, you don’t need to know that instant. Rather than write up a bunch of individual posts you have to read, here’s one post with everything. Boom. Done. Enjoy.

  • Amazon’s deal of the day is for both seasons of Flight of the Conchords plus a CD for $26.99, which is 55% off the normal price. Today only and while stocks last. So. There you have it. Find that here.
  • When you hear that Cronenberg is directing Viggo Mortensen in a film called A Dangerous Method, you’re probably not guessing what comes next: that it’s a love triangle featuring Jung and Freud as characters. If you want to see Mortensen and Michael Fassbender as Freud and Jung, check out the pics here. Also in the film are Keira Knightley and Vincent Cassel. It’s due out next year.
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    ScottC vs. Views From The Longbox, Round 2

    Views From The Longbox logo

    Michael Bailey is a comics podcast juggernaut. He appears on Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast, From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast, Tales of the Justice Society of America and Back to the Bins. However, his premiere podcast, Views From The Longbox, has reached its 100th episode. In preparation for this milestone, Michael did something a little different. Starting with Episode 87, he went through each year that he collected comics starting at age 11. Now this isn’t a simple restoration of “I read this comic and this comic and…” He is very open about his life and what went on in it. He brings up how he wasn’t the best student, his courtship with his wife, and even the death of his mother from cancer. I really admire how people like Michael opens up to the audience. I wish I could do that, but a lot of my childhood is a blur for some reason.


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    Win a Hasbro Toy Grab Bag!

    Han Solo: Star Wars Legacy Collection Marvel Universe: Green Goblin
    Scarlett: Desert Ambush Transformers 2: Sideswipe

    Here’s a random array of Hasbro Toys. They sent them why? Because they love you. And we figured we’d just give the whole shebang away to one lucky person. What you see is what you get–almost. The Han Solo: Star Wars Legacy Collection 3.75″ figure is not a “1st day” one as pictured. (Why is that important, anyway? Are the molds fresher?) Anyway, also in the mix is a Marvel Universe: Green Goblin 3.75″ figure, a G.I. Joe Scarlett 3.75″ figure and a Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Sideswipe figure.

    How do you win? Enter using the form below and enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, you snag all four toys. Good luck!

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    Your Weekend Justice #51: A Tale of Fountain Pens and Cholera and Iguanas

    Edith Bunker

    And we’re back. Please note: this podcast, if you haven’t figured it out, is profane and not safe for consumption by children or animals. Or sentient creatures of any sort. You can’t say we didn’t warn you.



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    • Rox’s list of films with snot bubbles
    • White Lion
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    Stuff: Peter Berg to Direct “Dune Hard”

    Faith No More clown poster
  • Faith No More is rampaging across Europe now. Tuffley sent me this poster for an upcoming date in Greece. Nice, yes? He also is fairly certain we will see some North American dates later on. We sure as hell better.
  • Dark Crystal 2, which I could have sworn we had mentioned before–but I must have dreamed it during one of my blackouts–is going into pre-production. It has a title, too: The Power of the Dark Crystal. It sounds like they’re just getting funding and distribution nailed down. I can’t seem to drum up a reaction to this–it just seems too remote, like Tron Legacy before the teaser trailer. After all, the originals for both came out the same year…
  • The Peter Berg-helmed Dune is not dead–in fact, Berg apparently revealed he wants a more action-oriented take on the film than the original adaptation or the miniseries: “
    [The book] was much more muscular and adventurous, more violent and possibly even a little bit more fun… There’s a more dynamic film to be made.” No completed script yet, though per this article, and we are fifteen months later. See why I find it hard to get worked up about films in development? Best to save one’s energy.
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    Stuff You Need to Know: Hollis Needs More Friends

    Hollis Hawthorne
  • Hollis Hawthorne is a performer who’s been involved in an accident in India. The Lady Porphyre mentioned this first, then I saw The Neil and Uncle Warren both do so. The full story is at Coilhouse. She’s got clearance to get treated at Stanford Medical here in the States as opposed to where she is now, where her boyfriend states “there are huge rats scurrying around on the
    [hospital] floor. I am sleeping on the ant-covered floor outside her room as I am not allowed in and the water they have used for many procedures is not even purified.” So they have to get her out of there and back here. The Friends of Hollis are trying to pull together the money to do so. Go here and help if you can. I’m donating for the boyfriend as much as I am for Hollis. I know that sounds weird, but I’m just imagining what I’d be going through if my significant other was going through this and the whole thing was almost completely out of my control. Hang in there, both of you.
  • Beatles: Rock Band is now available for pre-order–the software version, apparently–for $59.99. The “limited edition bundles” aren’t yet. But stay tuned, I’m watching for them. They’ll run you $249.99. “Exclusive content” will be there for people who pre-order, apparently. And for you total Beatles freaks (I am among you), “Accompanying instruments modeled after the ones used by Paul, John, George and Ringo also will be available for $100. The game will be playable with existing ‘Rock Band’ guitars, drums and microphones, though.” And here’s a nice touch: remember what I said about “Revolution 9”? Release date is 9/9/09. If you’re going to buy it anyway, if you could do it through us: we’d love the kickbacks. Thanks in advance: here’s links to buy your copy for the Wii, your copy of it for the Xbox 360 or if you own a PS3, you can get your copy here. Source.
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    In Case of Zombie Holocaust, Skip Straight to Dessert

    Caution Zombies Ahead

    Alternate Title for This Post: “It’s Father Day, Bedelia, And I Want My Cake.”

    So it’s a bit unnerving that we’ve got warnings about zombies in Austin and yet another unnamed location. No one actually saw any zombies, mind you, but it’s all no doubt part of the conspiracy. Stay vigilant, is what I say.

    But still, all this talk of the zed word plus Scott sending me the undead Hello Kitty cake pictured below…it got me to thinking. Zombie cakes. How many zombie cake sightings have we had? There’s the Zombie Hoffa cupcake, naturally.

    But let’s take a look and see what else is out there…

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