A Brief History of Venom in Cinema

Venom Dog

To anyone expecting this to be a page about biting or stinging insects in movies, sorry, Dindrane. And to anyone thinking this is one of the myriad other films that have been titled “Venom,” well, sorry again.

No, we’re talking everybody’s favorite black goo. Yes, even more popular than the black goo that gave us The Beverly Hillbillies, it’s the alien symbiote known as Venom. Now that Sony actually appears to be trying to spin this off from Spider-Man into its own film, I thought it might be prudent to give you a quick rundown on how we got here. After all, the Venom project is the one that I consistently bring up at conventions to impress upon people that comic book publishers and movie studios don’t always think things through. Because how do you create a movie about Venom in which Spider-Man cannot be mentioned at all?

(Sidebar: I used the Spi-Dog Venom image because all the Venom pics I could find were very boring.)


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Shahrukh Khan is Bollywood Spider-Man?

Shah Rukh Khan

Okay, so this is fascinating. At first I was going to give this news a pass, since when you see Bollywood Spider-Man it could mean anything. Would it be on a level with Italian Spider-Man or Japanese Spider-Man?

No…it’s apparently an entirely different kind of flying…altogether. How do we know this? Shahrukh Khan is going to be Spider-Man. Shahrukh Khan is a huge freaking Bollywood star. I mean huge. And no pun intended, but apparently io9 makes mention of the fact that this Spider-Man will fly.

However, as I read the Hindustan Times article, they keep saying this is along the lines of Spider-Man rather than actually being Spider-Man. But basically they’re inspired by the box office performance of the Spider-Man flicks–and the fact that the Bollywood superhero flick Krrish, as I understand it, did well.


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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Italian Spiderman!

Didn’t think I would have one today, but this one just begged to be thrown in your face so it could gnaw on your eyebrows. Each week, whenever possible, we like to give you videos like this to start the work week. Who was it said if you swallow a live toad whole first thing in the morning, your day is guaranteed to get better? Yeah. Something like that.

So anyway…what happens when you mix giallo, luchadores, and a better dressed Green Goblin than we had in Spider-Man 3? This, apparently.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via VideoSift.

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Dan Goodsell Presents Spidey-Toast!

Friendly Neighborhood Spidey-Toast!

In honor of the upcoming tribute show for Stan Lee (for more info, see Dan Goodsell’s post here), Dan created some pictures of Mr. Toast dreaming of being a super-hero.

I think Spidey-Toast would make a great cartoon, so to help with pitching it, I humbly submit to Dan the Spidey-Toast theme song. Enjoy.

Spidey-Toast, Spidey-Toast
Fighting crime from coast to coast
Spins a web around the town
Always lands dry side down
Look-out, here comes the Spidey-Toast!

Is he cool?
Listen, Fred
He’s more wonder than Wonderbread
Can he swing we say yes
Better written than JMS
That’s why he’s Spidey-Toast.

In the warmth of day
You can find him in the know
Like a streak of gold
At Goodsell’s gallery show

Spidey-Toast, Spidey-Toast
Friendly, good for you Spidey-Toast
Empowered by common sense
All natural ingredients

To him, life is a great big fun game
You will remember his one name
He is the Spidey-Toast!


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Who Will Save Spider-Man?

Spider-Man’s world is about to change. Marvel recently released a graphic which showed some of the potential folks who can save Spidey. You’ll notice there isn’t a decent writer on there anywhere. Anyway, since I know there’s a lot of Marvel expats out there, you might need a refresher as to who’s who in this. Needcoffee is always ready and willing to help. We’ve annotated the graphic as follows. Enjoy.

Who can save Spider-Man?


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Spider-Ganesh and Other Friendly Neighborhood WTFs


There have been a lot of unbelievable and strange Spider-Man appearances throughout the character’s history. And I Am Not Lying, For Real has posted a list of ten of the best and oddest.

Spider-Ganesh there is one of them. Of course that means that the Spider-Mobile is now a mouse. No, really. Look it up.

Of course, they left out this alternate reality where J. Michael Straczynski once wrote the character and made him do all kinds of terrible, un-Spidey-like things, like eating someone’s face, then later Spidey put on some hideous armor and then unmasked himself in front of God and country as though he were just begging for a sniper to gun down his poor Aunt May. Whew. Good thing that never actually happened, huh?

Found via Neatorama.

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Spider-Man 3 “Venom Suit” Early Early FX Test

Before Spider-Man 3‘s budget soared to approximately the same budget of the entire Apollo space program (in adjusted dollars, no less), the FX crew found themselves squeezed for cash. In an attempt to create the oozy feel of the black Spidey suit taking over, they tried to take a page from the olden days of FX, where things were done in-camera as opposed to after the fact with CG. Here they try a Giant African Snail, hoping that if they can de-shell the thing, get Tobey Maguire to stand still for long enough, and then speed up the frame, they might be able to unleash a bunch of these on the actor and get an effect on the cheap.

Sadly, shortly after this test was shot, all the snails found themselves reduced to escargot on the craft services table. So the whole idea was scrapped and instead $125 quadrillion more was thrown at the FX.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Video found via Neatorama.


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