Your Weekend Justice #184: Two Tables Flipped For Your Face

It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that is waiting for the spaceship to arrive and take it to safety as the world ends. It’s not here yet but we expect it at any moment. Honest.


Spider-Man Sheets


  • Stop bothering Rox with your last minute crap Xmas gift ideas
  • The danger of Amazon Prime
  • The evil of raisins
  • Fun with Instagram
  • Cat butt coffee ale!
  • Leigh vs. gravity and the death of keyboards
  • The Hobbit and hotness
  • Kids and fandom
  • Aaron Sorkin, making people sad
  • Spazhouse: The Barbershop
  • Angela Lansbury, not dead
  • The Flaming Keyboard
  • French Cumberbatch
  • Rox’s search for cake
  • The Search for Star Trek Sex Toys
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    Your Weekend Justice #183: Apples, Confusion & Aneurysms

    It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that is crashing your holiday party. If not in this universe, then a universe quite like this one.


    Paul Wegner as The Golem


  • Rox vs. the Digital Hipsters
  • Silent Service
  • Welcome to Meth Talk
  • Festive nutmeg
  • Waiting for Beer
  • Your Sam Adams Report
  • Man of Steel teaser
  • Kevin Costner and the Box
  • Waterworld the Series
  • Pissy restaurants in Tallahassee
  • Rock Lobster!
  • Star Trek teaser
  • Benedict Cumberbatch goal! Plus voice babies.
  • Monitor envy
  • The Lone Ranger trailer
  • Johnny Depp
  • Tim Burton‘s A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Mickey Rourke, non-hobo
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    Your Weekend Justice #181: Bishop Charles Durning vs. The Serpent

    It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that, because it is smarter than its participants, thinks quietly to itself that they’re thinking about an alternate version of the movie Q where it faced off against Brian Dennehy. But again, it can only speak through the sound board. So…alas.


    Star Trek Dilithium Crystals


  • Human backgammon?
  • Getting rid of elements
  • Calling Alan Funt…wait, oh shit
  • Potential Roxmobile…or the Tuffmobile. Whichever.
  • Jon vs. the new Skype
  • Serpent and the What, who?
  • “Mistreating the hunchback”
  • Tyler Perry’s Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Thanksgiving Parade report
  • Smurf on the loose!
  • Bob Costas’ new job
  • Rise of the Guardians review
  • Going to Portland for the bucket of donuts
  • The dead and their bib overalls – Walking Dead SPOILERS
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    Stuff Bulletin: New Lord of the Jungle in the Works

    Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan

  • Wanted to make sure you were aware: Amazon’s Deal of the Day is the Blu-Ray boxed set of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Editions. Regular price is listed as $119.98–today only it’s 64% off and going for $43.49. Savings of over $75. Not bad for a fifteen disc hi-def set. Snag it here.
  • New Tarzan is coming from Warner Brothers with Alexander Skarsgard at the lead of the pack to play the jungle lord and David Yates, who directed more Harry Potter films than anybody else, is on board to helm. The story involves him being sent to the Congo by Queen Victoria for a mission, accompanied by an ex-mercenary–who might be played by Samuel L. Jackson. I’m sort of amazed that in the wake of John Carter that another Edgar Rice Burroughs film is even happening. Source: Variety.
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    Kickstarter Kthursday #3: Pinball Arcade & Die Hard

    Star Trek: Next Generation pinball

    After a week off for DragonCon, we return with a pair of Kickstarters that caught my eye. It’s Thursday, so we throw on the unnecessary K and get started with a confession:

    Okay, here’s the thing. I’m a pinball junkie. Not a wizard, mind you…but a junkie. When I found there was pinball ROM emulation software to let you play pinball simulations on Windows…holy crap, I think I lost an entire week. One of my life goals is to go to Las Vegas and get lost in the Pinball Hall of Fame. So when I hear that there’s a group called FarSight Studios that’s working on digitizing pinball games so you can play them on multiple modern gaming platforms–and that they’ve already successfully raised the funds necessary to digitize my favorite pinball game of all time–the Twilight Zone game? All I can say is hell, yes.

    If you watch till the end of the video that comes after the break, you could be a pinball geek. I’m just saying.

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    Stuff You Need to Know: The Trouble With Holy Whatever Batman Jokes is That They Were All Used Up By 1978

    Adam West and bomb from Batman

    Some sites want to rephrase every press release they get. And post every photo. As the philosopher once said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Here’s all the pop culture news you actually need in a single post. Enjoy.

  • Trying to get this up as quickly as possibly because I know there are a few Star Trek: Next Generation fans out there. The Blu-Ray Motion Picture Collection is the deal of the day at Amazon. It’s 62% off the list price at present, clocking in at $26.49. That’s today only and while stocks last. Good luck.
  • Well, they’ve finally worked out the Batman merchandising. And by that, I mean the 60s television series. And by that I mean that they’ve been limited as to what they could do with merch since they didn’t have a deal in place to use the likenesses of the actors and whatnot. I think I would be happy with an afforable Shakespeare bust, myself. But regardless, you can look for stuff to rollout quickly. Source: Variety.
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    Your Weekend Justice #149: Stupid Whores and Cinnamon Buns

    It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that is offensive, morally reprehensible and should definitely not be listened to by impressionable plant life. This podcast was engineered–some might say over-engineered–by experts to escort you from the work week in the most chaotic manner possible. Please note: this podcast is profane, definitely oversexed and definitely overwrought. It is wrong and unsafe. You have been warned.


    Fred from Smokey and the Bandit


  • Jon, Serv and the Ballad of Sally Ford
  • Jon is very kind about Widge’s age
  • For love of Wolverines
  • An excellent time to go car shopping
  • The Australian Red Dawn remake
  • The Walking Dead
  • The problem with being short a butcher
  • Menudo digression!
  • Tolstoy spoilers!
  • Rox’s drink naming
  • The Juan Montoya
  • NASCARcast!
  • Alcohol report!
  • Hola, Cumberbatches!
  • Star Trek and sex
  • Continuity problems
  • Angela Lansbury vs. The Cenobites
  • Oscar report!
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    Your Weekend Justice #145: Will Somebody Save Somebody?

    It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that can go to a Dark Place at the drop of a hat. And not every listener will make it back alive. This is both warning…and promise. This podcast was engineered–some might say over-engineered–by experts to escort you from the work week in the most chaotic manner possible. Please note: this podcast is profane, definitely oversexed and definitely overwrought. It is wrong and unsafe. You have been warned.


    Martha Stewart Coming Home Poncho

    Please note–an extra warning for this episode, in which terrible, sick jokes are made about children and taxidermy. In light of this, I would like to issue the following apology in advance:

    In my rush to make a joke, I incorrectly identified Boris Karloff’s last film as 1968’s Targets, when as you, of course, well know–it was instead 1971’s The Incredible Invasion, released after his death. My apologies for any confusion or distress this slip-up may cause.


  • Everyone vs. Beck
  • And then…Beckham
  • Stealth hooligans
  • What the hell is this thing, anyway?
  • Ass crack o’clock
  • Something about Jill and her nipple
  • The Matrix spoilers
  • Being a bitch for D&D
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    Stuff You Need to Know: Imagine Captain Kirk Yelling “Cumberbatch”

    Benedict Cumberbatch

    All the pop culture news you really need to know in one post. This section of the site is designed for people who like to batch process things. Enjoy.

  • In excellent news for everyone involved, Benedict “Sherlock” Cumberbatch is the villain in Star Trek 2. The other person they mentioned auditioning for it was Edgar Ramirez. So this is the same role that Abrams wanted Benicio Del Toro for? That was rumored to be Khan…and then it looked like it had been confirmed…and now it looks like it’s a rumor again. So who knows? Either way, this is very pleasing news. Source: Variety.
  • Bag of Bones is scheduled to hit DVD on March 13th. It’s available for pre-order here.
  • Drive is hitting home video on January 31st. A lot of people liked it more than I did–and so be it–but Albert Brooks is a revelation, no matter what. Here are: DVD and Blu-Ray pre-order links.
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    Stuff You Need to Know: Daniel Day-Lewis is Abe, Honestly

    Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

    The frustrating thing about pop culture websites is they try to slam you with update after update–and most of it you simply don’t need to know. One post a week, catching you up with everything. That’s what we do. Pour some espresso and get your dose.

  • The Lincoln biopic, helmed by Spielberg, is a month into production and Hollywood Reporter had the first glimpse of Daniel Day-Lewis in full makeup as Abe. And damn. That’s pretty awesome. Cosette’s response: “Did he build a log cabin this time?” Yes. And studied his lines off a shovel. Is it just me or does this just make you want to see Day-Lewis fight vampires? Also, note that Variety says Jared Harris (the upcoming Moriarty–who, holy shit, that’s Richard Harris’ son!) will play Ulysses S. Grant and Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln.
  • Akira reworked plot points pointed out over at io9. Dindrane and fans of the original are warned to stay away, as you will have a severe allergic reaction. Here’s a taste: “Kaneda (Garret Hedlund) is a bar owner in Neo-Manhattan who is stunned when his brother, Tetsuo, is abducted by government agents led by The Colonel (Ken Watanabe).” And on from there.
  • (more…)

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