Stuff Bulletin: New Lord of the Jungle in the Works

Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan

  • Wanted to make sure you were aware: Amazon’s Deal of the Day is the Blu-Ray boxed set of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Editions. Regular price is listed as $119.98–today only it’s 64% off and going for $43.49. Savings of over $75. Not bad for a fifteen disc hi-def set. Snag it here.
  • New Tarzan is coming from Warner Brothers with Alexander Skarsgard at the lead of the pack to play the jungle lord and David Yates, who directed more Harry Potter films than anybody else, is on board to helm. The story involves him being sent to the Congo by Queen Victoria for a mission, accompanied by an ex-mercenary–who might be played by Samuel L. Jackson. I’m sort of amazed that in the wake of John Carter that another Edgar Rice Burroughs film is even happening. Source: Variety.
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    Your Weekend Justice #168: Those Amazing Eels and…Oh, Forget It

    It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that just gets shut down wherever it turns. Even on the intro to the show notes.


    Brick Wall


  • Midnight killer. I mean caller.
  • Aaron accessing Skype via two cans and string
  • The only way to travel. Sort of.
  • An exploration of ScottC’s friends. Not a euphemism.
  • Groupie revelations. Perhaps in a Biblical eschatalogical sense.
  • RelationshipCast!
  • Sartre, French…but not a mime
  • Unpronounceable porcine callback!
  • ScottC, private dancer. A dancer for money.
  • DragonCon scheduling and fun and not really
  • Dark Knight discussion…nope
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    Win This Means War on DVD!

    This Means War DVD

    It’s This Means War, out on DVD from Fox. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

    They are the CIA’s best, trained for any situation…except one. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment plays the ultimate spy game as two best friends fight for the right of one woman’s hand in THIS MEANS WAR, coming to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download May 22. Starring Academy Award® winner Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line), Chris Pine (Star Trek) and Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises), the laugh-out-loud comedy gets even better on Blu-ray with three alternate endings that answer the question – what if she chose the other guy?

    The world’s deadliest CIA operatives, FDR Foster (Pine) and Tuck (Hardy), are inseparable partners and best friends until they fall for the same woman (Witherspoon). Having once helped bring down entire enemy nations, they are now employing their incomparable skills and an endless array of high-tech gadgetry against their greatest nemesis – each other.


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    Win Warrior on DVD!

    Warrior DVD

    It’s Warrior, which is doing great guns with a lot of accolades from critics and picking up some awards nominations–it’s also hitting DVD this week from Lionsgate.

    Want a trailer? Here you go…


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    Win Sucker Punch (2008) on DVD!

    Sucker Punch (2008) DVD

    No, it’s not the more recent Zack Snyder film. It’s Sucker Punch starring Tom Hardy and Danny John-Jules and out on DVD from Lionsgate. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

    Eying to take down The Man (former UFC fighter Ian Freeman), small-town con hustler Harley (Danny John-Jules, Blade II) convinces a bare-knuckle street fighter to form a partnership and allow him to serve as his manager. Seeing an opportunity to make some cash and redeem himself, Buchinsky (Gordon Alexander, Don’t Let Him In), begins a winning streak in the ring that gets him noticed by The Man. But as the stakes get higher and the fights get tougher, the partnership may have reached its breaking point – literally.

    We’ve got three copies of the DVD to give away. Want to win one? Excellent. Here’s how that happens: you enter using the form below. Remember you can enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, you snag it! Good luck!

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