Wayhomer Review #137 – Lincoln (2012)

Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

Episode #137 for Lincoln, in which our protagonist wants to just skip to the part where we give Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field their Oscars, tries to put a finger on what didn’t quite work about the direction and script, and forgets to mention that the film shawshanks by a good two minutes. Because it did. Seriously, when you see the silhouette and you think, “Oh, it’s over, this is perfect,” get up and walk out. You’ll be happier.

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Stuff Bulletin: Farscape on Sale; Lucas Says He’s Done; Jones Gets a Park

Farscape: The Complete Series Blu-Ray

Pop culture can sometimes wait. However, a really great deal sometimes cannot. Thus, we interrupt this lack of interruption with the following headsup: the Amazon deal of the day is the complete series of Farscape. For today only–or until they run out–the Blu-Ray complete series is $68.99, 65% off the regular list price of $199.95. And the DVD complete series is $44.99, 70% off the regular list price of $149.95. And, of course, if you do take advantage of this using our links, we get kickbacks which helps pay for the site. So thanks for that.

In other news…

  • George Lucas claims to be retiring in the wake of continued outcry against his tampering with Star Wars and the reaction of studios to his upcoming Red Tails. He says in the article, “I’m saying: ‘Fine. But my movie, with my name on it, that says I did it, needs to be the way I want it.'” Well, yes, George, but that doesn’t mean people have to like it. And–here’s why I think you’re just smarting from Red Tails more than anything else (we’re two days out from it opening and there’s one review on Rotten Tomatoes?)–you’re going to make money no matter what happens. People are going to go see Phantom Menace in 3D and even if they bitch the whole time they’re still giving you money. George, you are bulletproof. You’ll be back in the saddle before you know it. Episode VII. Mark my words. It’s still happening.
  • (more…)

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    Captain America: The First Avenger – 27 Second Review

    Captain America: The First Avenger Poster

    Written by: Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, based on the comics by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
    Directed by: Joe Johnston
    Starring: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell, Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci and Toby Jones

    Review: The Avengers movies have been, by and large, satisfying. This one not only delivers on awesome action, but will please everyone from the comic geeks (with the first issue of the comic spliced into the film), to the history buffs like me with the Nazi super weapons that were actually attempted tossed in just for fun. I was pleased. You will be too. Unless you’re a commie.

    You’re not a commie, are you?

    Time: 18 seconds


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    Win The Company Men on DVD!

    Company Men DVD

    It’s The Company Men, out from The Weinstein Company and Anchor Bay on DVD. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

    In THE COMPANY MEN, Bobby Walker (Affleck) is living the American Dream, until he is stunned to find himself the latest casualty of corporate downsizing. Suddenly, Bobby – along with his co-workers Phil Woodward (Chris Cooper) and Gene McClary (Tommy Lee Jones) – is forced to re-evaluate his self-worth as a husband, as a father, and as a man. For as long as he can remember, he’s given his life to his job. Now, with only the love of his wife and family, it’s time to take his life back.

    With humor, pathos, and keen observation, writer-director John Wells introduces us to the new realities of American life, as THE COMPANY MEN fight to regain their dignity and transcend their situations. An astute exploration of the human spirit, the film portrays the struggles of individuals at every level of the economic ladder as they try to reconnect with the things that matter most in life, and re-establish a sense of identity separate from their jobs.


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    Men in Black (Deluxe Edition, 1997) – DVD Review

    Men in Black Deluxe Edition DVD


    Written by: Ed Solomon, based on the comic book by Lowell Cunningham
    Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld
    Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Vincent D’Onofrio, Rip Torn, and Linda Fiorentino


    • Widescreen and full-screen versions
    • Visual and audio commentaries
    • MiB II teaser trailer
    • Sneak peek at MiB II
    • Extended and alternate scenes
    • Music video with Will Smith
    • Storyboard comparisons
    • Theatrical trailers
    • Men In Black documentary
    • Production notes
    • Scene-editing workshop
    • Conceptual art gallery
    • DVD-ROM content

    Released by: Sony
    Region: 1
    Rating: PG-13
    Anamorphic: Yes.

    My Advice: Own it.


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    Men in Black 2 (2002) – Movie Review

    Men in Black 2 movie poster

    Written by: Barry Fanaro & Robert Gordon, based on a story by Gordon, which was in turn based on the comic book by Lowell Cunningham
    Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld
    Starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Lara Flynn Boyle, Rip Torn, Johnny Knoxville

    My Advice: Rent it.

    It’s been five years since we last saw the intrepid members of the Men in Black. Agent Jay (Smith) has apparently been going through partners like you or I would go through toothbrushes. It’s only when a roaming galactic menace known as Serleena (Boyle) comes back to Earth looking for something called The Light of Zartha which supposedly was sent off-planet twenty-five years earlier, Jay realizes he’s in over his head. Why? Because the only one who knows what happened to this Light is Kay (Jones), his partner who “retired” in the last film. So Jay has to go nab Kay, get him back in the suit, and figure out what’s going on with the Light, because for some reason that’s never really explained, it’s going to destroy the planet at midnight.


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