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Tonight Show Vault Series Volumes 1-6When it came to late ending your day on a high note, nobody set the stage like Johnny Carson.  For thirty years, Carson hosted The Tonight Show, setting standards for the genre that continue to this day and earning him the title “The Original King of Late Night”.  Now out from Time Life is The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: The Vault Series, Volumes 1-6.  This six-disc set spans two decades of Carson’s history-making tenure at The Tonight Show, including some of the best selections from the show chosen by Carson archivists.  Notable guests featured in The Vault Series, Volumes 1-6 include Dean Martin, Jack Benny, Jerry Lewis, Don Rickles, Bob Hope, Dom DeLuise, John Denver, Peter Fonda, Michael Caine, Charlton Heston, Michael Landon, Billy Crystal, Paul McCartney, Orson Welles, Muhammad Ali, and many more.  

The collection is comprised of twelve full, unedited shows from the seventies and eighties (including the original commercials, which in and of themselves are pretty awesome entertainment-wise).  Among the shows featured are Carson’s tenth and eleventh anniversary shows and Johnny’s birthday episodes.  Stand-alone bonus content includes interviews with Peaches Jones, Joe Piscopoa, and others, along with a stunt demonstration, a show opening, monologue and desk time with Johnny and Ed McMahon from 1976, and a performance by James Brown.  The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: The Vault Series, Volumes 1-6 has a total run time of fourteen-and-a-half hours and is available on DVD on Amazon for $47.99.  If you’re a mega fan (or know someone who is), you may also want to consider The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: Johnny and Friends: The Complete Collection, which includes the set above as well as two other sets for a total of ten discs and twenty-seven hours of classic Tonight Show entertainment (two hours of which is special bonus content).  This set spans the entire four-thousand episode run of Carson’s time hosting the show and also includes a collectible 28-Page memory book.  The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: Johnny and Friends: The Complete Collection is also available on DVD on Amazon for $104.95


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The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: The Vault Series on DVD

Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Vault Series

Let’s take a moment to consider this: there are people today who say “Somebody else used to host The Tonight Show?”  When people my age asked that, we were learning about Jack Paar.  When people today ask that, they’re talking about Johnny Carson.  He truly was the King of Late Night, and the standard by which people judged everybody else who hosted a talk show.  And yes, while the bits they have on talk shows today are cool and make for great YouTube fodder, Carson was funny just by his own self.  Granted, you could always count on an animal handler to make things interesting, but that’s been the way of things since the beginning of television.

All of this to say that you, no matter your age, need to check out Time Life’s release of The Vault Series.  It’s from the “Carson Vault,” which if memory serves, is stored in a mine for safekeeping.  You get twelve complete shows across six DVDs which–and I love this—contain commercials as well.  We’re looking here at the medium-sized release of this–the six-disc’er–since it also comes in three-disc (appetizer) and twelve-disc (entrée) form.  With this edition you get vintage appearances from the likes of David Brenner, Steve Lawrence, Tony Randall and Carl Reiner.  I picked the names you’d have to ask your parents about on purpose, kids.

The set also comes with two hours of bonus bits, including bonus monologues and Vincent Price cooking–which we all need more of.  The six-disc set (and its larger and smaller cousins) will be available on October 4th through Barnes & Noble and will have an SRP of $59.95.  That comes out to about $3.50 per hour of content, which isn’t exactly cheap, no, but this is television history here, folks.  And also be sure to ask your parents what a big deal streaking on television was.  Enjoy.

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Stuff: Johnny Carson Leaves the Salt Mine and Gets Digital

Johnny Carson Carnac

Some sites want you to actually read a bunch of blog posts full of information that you don’t need. Who the hell has time for that? We don’t think you do. So one post, as we get around to it, with info you need to know. And so you didn’t find out about it five minutes after it happened. We don’t think you care. So enjoy. And if you decide you want to buy something we discuss…please do so through the link or through the Amazon search box to your right on the page. It helps us keep the lights on.

  • Amazon has some deals you should be aware of. First up, the Megaset of the complete Kids in the Hall is going for $41.99, which is 58% off the regular price of $99.95. And that’s today only, so if you move swiftly you can still catch it here. Also, clothing-wise, they’re doing a back to school sale with $10 off of $50 and $25 off of $100. Click here for more info on that deal.


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    Your Weekend Justice #50: The Talking of People

    Needcoffee podcasting

    And we’re back. Please note: this podcast, if you haven’t figured it out, is profane and not safe for consumption by children or animals. Or sentient creatures of any sort. You can’t say we didn’t warn you.



    • Tuffles, the original pimpster
    • Cleaning the pipes
    • Rox sound bytes
    • NBC Late Night for people who read or don’t live in America
    • Din’s cats revolt
    • Doctor Who vs. The Tonight Show
    • Al Franken and why he’s a Senator
    • The power of the Ginger
    • The Barbie Report
    • “Welcome to feminism, Ken.”
    • Leigh’s aunting skills
    • (more…)

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    Remembering Doug Henning

    Doug Henning

    You know, it occurs to me after seeing Wolven explain his magical self–I’ve been referencing Doug Henning for so long that I can’t remember the last time I’ve actually seen any Doug Henning bits. And it’s also probably true that there are people seeing Doug Henning jokes that have never even seen the guy. Doug was the guy who basically brought magic into the 1970s by looking like, well, he was from the 1970s. If he had ever worn a tux at a show, it would have been blue with a rainbow vest. Maybe he did actually wear that at a show, I don’t know. Anyway.

    So for people like me and also the young whippersnappers who won’t stop playing their ZZTop so loud, here’s Doug on the Muppet Show

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    Stuff: At the Movies Goes the Way of All Flesh

    Snow Glass Apples by Julie Dillon
  • At the Movies will keep on keeping on, but without Ebert and Roeper. Roeper has exited the show and Ebert hasn’t renewed his contract because the network wants to “take the show in another direction.” What directional choices there are for a show that’s reviewing movies, I have no idea. Knowing Disney and ABC, they’re probably wanting to turn it into an Entertainment Tonight clone hosted by some of the kids from High School Musical. Crap. I didn’t mean to give them ideas. Mea culpa. Source: Variety.
  • A Batman fan has figured out how to make me want to go see What Happens in Vegas.
  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is releasing a limited edition chapbook of The Neil‘s “Snow, Glass, Apples” and a perfume oil scent based on the same. They’re US$50 a shot–but there’s not a lot of shots. It’s a limited edition run of 1000. 250 get sold at San Diego, and the rest go on sale the 30th at their website. This is all to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which is a Good Thing. The chapbook also features artwork by Julie Dillon–who I had honestly never heard of before. But God Damn, I love her stuff. Having read the story and heard the audio play, I can’t wait to see what she does with the story. (That’s a snippet of her cover up there–check out the full thing at the CBLDF site.) And if you don’t own a copy of the audio play, you really should.
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    George Carlin Gets the Twain Prize

    George Carlin

    George Carlin is to get the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. That will be given out November 10th at the Kennedy Center in New York. From the article, “‘Thank you Mr. Twain,’ said Carlin in response. ‘Have your people call my people.'”

    This is the part I didn’t realize: 14 HBO specials and 130+ appearances on the Tonight Show. Nice. Here’s a classic bit below.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    After the break, we go waaay back to one of the aforementioned early appearances with Johnny Carson.

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