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Vancouver Overrun With Zombies …Again

Seriously, you folks in Vancouver need to take some steps: seems like every year you guys have a zombie uprising. Then they're running through the streets, frightening the animals, eating every living thing that's not nailed down.

Welcome to Dead Space God Central

I saw The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets at DragonCon many, many moons ago. I was astounded to see a Lovecraft tribute band that ended their set with Cthulhu appearing and killing all of them. I was greatly impressed. Their album, Great...

Zombies in Vancouver

Zombie Horde in Vancouver!

Sweet! A zombie mob descended upon a mall in Vancouver, and the pictures are here. Zombiepalooza! Found via Boing Boing. Update: Also, it appears that the mastermind behind the San Francisco zombie horde, when asked about the recent American...