Your Weekend Justice #1

We’re back. The sound quality is better. Out of the four of us, I sound the worst, so you’re not missing much. We’re still working on it.

Also, a bear breathes into a microphone at times. We have killed it and eaten it.


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Here’s the agenda:

  • The end of the WGA strike and what it means to The Colbert Report
  • Our plan to watch the Oscar highlights on YouTube afterwards
  • Fond memories of the One Cool Thing from each Oscars broadcast
  • The impact to Los Angeles of a world with no Golden Globes
  • Needcoffee offers their services to the Golden Globes
  • Joan Rivers
  • Paris Hilton vs. Melissa Rivers
  • Grammys post-mortem
  • Kanye West, Amy Winehouse
  • The curse of Best New Artist?
  • Winehouse vs. Bono
  • Winehouse’s future
  • The best reality television show idea–ever
  • The return of Dog; Doc calls for Congressional oversight
    • The best reality television show idea–ever–improved
    • Rob with cynicism for the win


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    The WGA Strike: Is the Nightmare Over?

    Is Our TV Coming Back?It appears to be just about a done deal–as the Writers Guild of America have theoretically come to terms with the AMPTP (AKA: the major studios and producers). The agreed upon terms are coming to a vote to the union at large on Tuesday. That means if the union votes the new settlement in, the writers would go back to work on Wednesday.

    But, dear reader, what does this mean for you? Will Scrubs get a proper finale? When is 24 coming back? And will I finally post something about a television show that doesn’t air in the UK?

    Some of your answers are coming after the break….


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    Writers Guild Winners Announced

    Writers Guild of America Awards logo

    Seems like it’s a day for awards and such. The WGA Awards have been announced, and the big winners are Diablo Cody, who won Best Original Screenplay for Juno, the Brothers Coen who adapted No Country For Old Men from the novel by Cormac McCarthy (timely mention, huh?).

    In television, The Wire won for Dramatic Series and 30 Rock won for Comedy. The Sopranos took the award for Episodic Drama and The Office won for Comedy. “Episodic Drama” and “Episodic Comedy” appear to mean “single episode.” They can’t simply call it that because that would be too easy. The Simpsons won for Animation, and The Colbert Report won best Comedy/Variety Series.

    For the full list of winners, check out the WGA’s website. I hope by writing this up, I’m not being a scab or anything. Please don’t break my knees. I like my knees. They protect me from Cher.

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    Weekend Justice #0: The Return

    Cocoon the Return DVD cover art

    We’re back. All will be explained. Okay, no, not really.

    Sound quality sucks, because we’re figuring this conference call crap out still. I think I’ve figured out for next time. So don’t beat me up too badly. Consider this a pilot that is planning on going to series. Shot with no budget.


    Here’s the agenda:

    • The Strike Update by Tuffley, with interruptions by ScottC, who wants Law & Order and sex crimes
    • Rob Levy reveals how Lionel Richie spelled the doom of the Grammys, long, long ago. He also brings up the prospect of combining the Grammys with American Gladiators. And knife fighting.
    • General Oscar discussion.
    • Javier Bardem vs. Hal Holbrook
    • The Assassination of Jesse James…
    • General bitching about the score of There Will Be Blood being ineligible
    • David Cronenberg messes with Widge’s head with Eastern Promises
    • David Lynch messes with everyone’s head. Everyday.
    • Tuffley reveals that married people are kinkmonsters
  • Rob is depressed by Torchwood. Okay, pretty much everyone is depressed by Torchwood. But it is on DVD.
  • BBC America chops shows to bits for commercials. But this is not news.
  • General discussion of Ashes to Ashes, the Life on Mars spinoff
  • General fear of the Americanized Life on Mars, which is more than likely dead now
  • Rob makes a startling prediction about Doctor Who
  • General ribbing of Ben Kingsley, for being in a string of shitty films
  • Rob needlessly warns you away from a Matthew McConaughey film
  • Discussion of the new art film western sub-genre
  • Everyone’s picks for your weekend
  • (more…)

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    Top 10 Reality Shows To Fill The Strike-Induced Holes in Your TV Schedule

    WGA logo

    We understand that some people who have never heard of books might be a little anxious as to what they’re going to be watching once all the new shows run out. Well, never fear: is here to save you. We have prepared this list of ten shows that we could get a pilot written for–whoops! *cough cough* I mean we could pitch to someone to do with no writers whatsoever! Just like, you know, all reality shows are. *cough*

    10. Num3rology: Sudoku! Bingo! Lotto! And crime! With Numb3rs gone, what’s better than imposing some half-baked mystics onto a police department? “Can I see your badge number?” “Why? Are you going to report me?” “No, I just think it’s causing your psoriasis.”

    9. Not Lost: Four men in an SUV in the middle of a large metropolitan area. Where are they going? When do they have to be there? Why don’t they simply stop and ask for directions? It’s almost David Lynchian in its sheer artistic pointlessness. We could get several seasons out of this.


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    The NeedCoffee Guide to the WGA Strike

    WGA logo

    Well, it’s official–barring any last second deals, the Writers Guild of America is set to walk out on their jobs today.

    The top concern this go round seems to revolve around the writers seeking higher royalties for DVD sales and receiving any payment at all for internet streaming of their material.

    But you really don’t care about the plight of the writers, do you? After all, should the strike go long enough–most of the writing staffs of both Lost and Heroes could simply go back to writing comics.

    And really, being paid for written material on the internet? That’s just ridiculous.

    What you really want to know about the impending strike is how your precious television serials and movies will be affected by all this work stopping action. Well, the answer is: depends on who you ask, and depends and what you watch.


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