Your Weekend Justice #1

We're back. The sound quality is better. Out of the four of us, I sound the worst, so you're not missing much. We're still working on it. Also, a bear breathes into a microphone at times. We have killed it and eaten it. [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" … Continue reading

The WGA Strike: Is the Nightmare Over?

It appears to be just about a done deal--as the Writers Guild of America have theoretically come to terms with the AMPTP (AKA: the major studios and producers). The agreed upon terms are coming to a vote to the union at large on Tuesday. That means if the union votes the new settlement in, the … Continue reading

Writers Guild Winners Announced

Seems like it's a day for awards and such. The WGA Awards have been announced, and the big winners are Diablo Cody, who won Best Original Screenplay for Juno, the Brothers Coen who adapted No Country For Old Men from the novel by Cormac McCarthy (timely mention, huh?). In television, The … Continue reading

Weekend Justice #0: The Return

We're back. All will be explained. Okay, no, not really. Sound quality sucks, because we're figuring this conference call crap out still. I think I've figured out for next time. So don't beat me up too badly. Consider this a pilot that is planning on going to series. Shot with no … Continue reading