32 Days of Halloween X, Day 31: Tentacles!

Tentacles (1977)

For the 31st day of our madness, we’ve decided to go out with the potential for some seriously lethal hugs. It’s the 1977 flick Tentacles, and the notion of a killer octopus reminds me of course of It Came from Beneath the Sea. And of course that film makes me think Harryhausen. So let’s start off with a short bit of Harryhausen lore, from his work on Mysterious Island.


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Headsup: Animals Acting Like People and People Acting Like Animals

Zoo Season 2 DVDBased on James Patterson’s novel, Zoo tells the story of a pandemic of animals turning the tables on humans, going from the hunted to the hunters.  In Season 2, everything is ramped up a level–the team not only discovers that the cure they fought so hard for in Season 1 has become obsolete due to the mutation’s rapid evolution, but that the animals are actually executing coordinated attacks geared toward destroying human civilization itself.  Jackson is busy trying to keep his sanity amid major family issues and a biological identity crisis, ties to the Noah Objective are becoming ever more convoluted, and the team must tackle challenges like crashing a black tie event in Vancouver, tracking down a saber-tooth tiger, and, of course, constantly avoiding becoming prey.  Jackson (James Wolk), Jamie (Kristen Connolly), Abraham (Nonso Anozie), and Chloe (Nora Arnezeder) have certainly had a busy season.

Now available on DVD is a 4-disc set that includes all 13 episodes of Season 2 plus some bonus features, including a gag reel, deleted scenes, and two featurettes: Metamorphosis: A Look at Season Two of Zoo and Welcome to the Bird. Subscribers to CBS All Access have access to the entire season and it is also available on Netflix (a bit surprising as CBS is becoming ever more choosy about what they allow to be released on platforms other than All Access).  As to streaming options, Amazon Video and iTunes both offer the season (without bonus features) for $19.99. If you want the bonuses, you’ll need to get the DVD set (available on Amazon for $39.99), so it’s up to you to decide if having the extras and physical discs on the shelf is worth doubling the price.


In The Driller Killer, Abel Ferrara directs and stars as a Driller Killerdown-on-his luck artist going slowly mad from a
combination of money problems and dealing with horrible neighbors, who finally snaps and begins to hunt for victims on whom he can focus his rage–and his drill.

Now out from Arrow Video are two dual format sets of the film: Special Edition and Limited Edition Steelbook. Both include Blu-ray and DVD presentations of a (brand new) 4K restoration created from the original camera negative of the film in its theatrical release version and its (previously unseen) pre-release version.  Both also boast some bonus features created especially for these sets, including an interview with Ferrara, a visual guide to Ferrara’s career by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas (who wrote Cultographies: Ms. 45), and audio commentary from Ferrara and Brad Stevens (author of Abel Ferrara: The Moral Vision). Additional bonus features include the trailer and Ferrara’s 2010 feature-length documentary Mulberry Street, never before available for home viewing in the US. Aside from disc content, the Special Edition Set includes a reversible sleeve with (new) artwork by the Twins of Evil, and the Limited Edition SteelBook Set includes original artwork and a collector’s booklet (content from Michael Pattison and Brad Stevens).

The film is not currently available on Netflix or on Amazon (unless you have an add-on subscription to CONtv, Shudder, or Filmbox).  Those looking to get one of the new sets can get them on Amazon for almost the same price: the Limited Edition Steelbook is $28.49 and the Special Edition is $27.99.  Do be aware that the Limited Edition consists of only 2500 copies in the US, so if that’s important to you (especially considering it’s only 50 cents more), jump on it asap.

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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Movie Night No. 26: Monster From Green Hell!

Monster From Green Hell

Wasps. They’re a nasty piece of work sometimes. Sometimes, they just fly about and are minding their own business. Sometimes, they seem to be very pissed off and want to sting you. And sometimes, they’ve been shot into space, returned to the planet and crash-landed in Africa, been exposed to a great deal of cosmic radiation and grown to ginormous size. Oh, and then they’re pissed off and want to sting your face clean off. That’s Monster From Green Hell, the 1957 B-movie giant wasp extravaganza that you had no idea was missing from your life.

Now you might ask: if they were exposed to cosmic radiation, why didn’t they get the ability to stretch or turn invisible or something…and why didn’t they go fight some crime? And all I can say is: if I had the answer to such deep questions as that, I’m sure I wouldn’t be running a pop culture website. Enjoy.


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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Movie Night No. 19: The Monster That Challenged the World!

Monster That Challenged the World

For tonight’s feature, we have a serious When Animals Attack film…and yes, we’ve had lots of different critters trying to destroy humanity. But make way for Giant Mollusks, baby. It’s The Monster That Challenged the World. From 1957…as the ponderous narration will tell you at the beginning, an earthquake unleashes the giant beasties from under the Salton Sea in California. And they decide to pay a visit to the surface world. And they ain’t asking to borrow a cup of sugar.

The film stars Tim Holt (Treasure of the Sierra Madre), Audrey Dalton (Titanic (1953)) and Hans Conried. You know Conried, if nothing else, as the voice of Disney’s Captain Hook. Nice.


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Your Weekend Justice #203: Fancy Hats and Evilness

It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck–the podcast that wants to put Dirk Benedict and Abe Vigoda in a new TV show where they team-up and fight crime. And don’t pretend you wouldn’t watch the hell out of that.




  • The joy of DVRs
  • Aiding to the delinquency of a minor. Well, several minors.
  • Death rays on a budget
  • Rox vs. The Giant Ants
  • ScottC vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes
  • The Blacklist (SPOILERS)
  • Sleepy Hollow(s)
  • Breaking Bad vs. Newhart
  • Abe Vigoda, in a van, eating ice cream, going off a bridge backwards. At a concert.
  • Blackfish, psycho sea life and the psychos that hang out with them
  • Miscommunicating with Mildred
  • Agents of SHIELD confessions
  • A preference for shooting the hostage
  • (more…)

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    Kickstarter Kthursday #7: Smith Tapes, Killer Chihuahuas & Cthulhu Combat

    Frank Zappa: Smith Tapes Box Set

    It’s no secret that we’re big on posterity around here. It’s important to keep stuff around so it can be enjoyed/studied/maybe-even-understood by future generations. Hence we lead off this round of Kickstarter fun with The Smith Tapes Box Set. Video comes after the break but the gist is this: Howard Smith, Village Voice writer and DJ, conducted interviews between 1969 and 1972. You might have heard of some of the people he talked to: Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Joe Cocker and scads more. The original tapes of these interviews have just recently seen the light of day again. They’re going to be released via iTunes–a hundred of them–eventually.

    However, for those people who still appreciate physical products–they’re doing a limited edition, numbered twelve-CD boxed set with eighteen interviews on it. The Kickstarter supports the creation of this set. (The Zappa disc cover art is pictured.) While the set is too pricey for me, there are ways to get in on a lower level and support the project. Hell, I just wish they had a way to pledge and get the digital version. But regardless, this is a sweet project and it looks amazing–and better yet, from the snippets they make available, it sounds like it’s going to be fantastic.


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    32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 27: Konga


    Well, previously on Movie Night #27, we’ve checked out films about evil women and evil children. But I couldn’t find anything this year that really made the grade. So when all else fails, you can always fall back on Mad Science. Here we have Konga–and Michael Gough as a scientist that creates a giant ape and decides to use it as a weapon against the people who have wronged him. And of course, this is Gough–who most of you know only as Alfred from the Tim Burton Batman movies. Here he is a perfect mad scientist.

    And Konga starred in a Charlton Comics adaptation that spun off into an actual twenty-three issue run. Go figure. Anyway, enjoy. And also: science.


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    32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 15: Beginning of the End

    Beginning of the End: New Thrills! New Shocks! New Terror!

    There’s a special warm place in my heart for the Atomic Monsters subgenre. I don’t care if it’s giant insects, giant animals or giant no-effing-clue-what-it-is. If it’s wonky stop motion or let’s film a regular sized animal and splice it in so it looks huuuuge–all the better. And thus, Night #15 of 32 Days of Halloween takes a fond look back at this mayhem. And this time we’re going with 1957’s Beginning of the End which pits Peter Graves against giant grasshoppers. This under the direction of Bert Gordon, which started him down a path that would bring you Food of the Gods and Empire of the Ants. And would also bring you a goodly number of MST3K episodes. And would, I guess, make him the grandfather of SyFy Originals. (Can you imagine if Gordon could be around to direct SyFy Originals? Holy crap, they would be amazing.)

    Listen for Paul Frees making an uncredited appearance as one of the voices. By law, I think most films of the time had to use him.


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    32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 5: The Black Scorpion (1957)

    Black Scorpion (1957) - Suitable Only For Adults

    Yes, it’s The Black Scorpion. The crazed super-hero flick from Roger Corman? No, but considering the poster snippet we posted above, you’d be forgiven for guessing that. No, instead it’s the 1957 film which brought you giant scorpions unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace by a volcano. The last film directed by Edward Ludwig (the 1940 version of Swiss Family Robinson) and with stop motion FX by Willis O’Brien (the original King Kong), it was not immune to ribbing by MST3K. And for good reason. It’s pretty whacked. But hey, it’s Giant Creatures Attack Night here at 32 Days of Halloween, so this fits the bill perfectly. And I’ve been dying to find the full version online so I could include it in our festivities.


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