SVK – Comic Review

SVK by Warren Ellis and D'Israeli

My parents were always supportive of my tendency to read just about everything, so I never really had the experience of reading comics by flashlight under the covers when I was meant to be asleep. I’m sure if I did have that memory, reading SVK would have invoked childhood associations with clandestine information.

SVK is the new Warren Ellis/D’Israeli/BERG joint: a comic that was sold only by mail order and printed with a special ultraviolet dye that you need the ultraviolet torch to read (it’s a British book by British creators–the transAtlanticism makes sense). The gimmick is that thought balloons–long thought to be out of favor among Anglo-Saxon creators–are printed in ultraviolet (UV), so you (the reader) need the torch to read them.

As there is UV ink on almost every page of the book, it is generally worthwhile to basically read the whole book via the UV torch. This works best in a dark room, so that you are actually relying on the torch for all of your light–“a flashlight under the covers.” Printed only in black and white, the only color is the UV, which works perfectly. The book is illustrated by D’Israeli, a master craftsman who cut his teeth on black and white pieces for 2000AD like Leviathan.


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Why We Think Parkour Is Cool

Daredevil and Spider-Man

Last time we spoke, I said I’d have more to say about Parkour at a later date. Well that date is now. Several weeks ago, the website reported that Parkour had been explicitly banned, in name, in the Battery Park area of NYC. This caused a flurry of Internet reaction from those connected to or concerned with practicing the art of Parkour, including yours truly (see picture at right *ahem*).

Fortunately, when they issued an update on the situation, it became clear that we were all over-reacting, and that the supposed “parkour ban,” was really just the same NYC Law 2008/042 (File Int 0721-2008), “prohibiting climbing, jumping or suspending of oneself from structures.” This is for the best, because it means that traceurs (a term for those who practice the art) are not specifically prohibited from doing Parkour, provided they are in or on spaces and structures that have been approved for Parkour. Ideally, this means that the door is still open for those in the NYC Parkour community to have a conversation with those in power, to start working to craft more Parkour-friendly legislation. This can have multiple benefits.


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Neuromancer Finally Getting Made?

Neuromancer cover art

Well, io9 is passing along the word that Neuromancer has gone back into active development now that Hayden Christensen is reportedly attached.

Now first of all, let’s not get overly excitable about this. Films go in and out of development all the time. If I had a dime for every time the Interwebs went apeshit because of the latest Superman 5 news, I would already be able to quit my day job. And how long did that film take to hit cinemas so it could fail? Years and years. Neuromancer has been in development for the last ten years at least. And people get attached to films all the time, for various and sundry reasons I won’t get into here. So let’s all stay as calm as we can, caffeinated as we are.

As for who we think should be cast, I would still think a great deal of our old DreamCast (still in the archive, we’ll get to it eventually) would be valid. I don’t have a problem with Christensen personally, although I think Jumper will prove him one way or the other to sci-fi geeks, now that he’s got a real director working with him. I mean, let’s face it: if all you knew about Natalie Portman was the prequel trilogy, you’d think she sucked too.

For the way not to do Neuromancer, we’d point you to our previous post about the comic book adaptation.


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