To Have Or Have Not: Breaking Down the Missing Episodes of Doctor Who

Patrick Troughton from Doctor Who

For the last few months there have been persistent rumors of a “major” discovery of missing Doctor Who episodes. These rumors went into overdrive over the weekend thanks to articles in The Mirror and The Radio Times claiming that an announcement was imminent.

It appears as though the Beeb wanted to keep this thing under wraps for a while longer, but the cat is out of the bag now and they had to act. Thus we arrive at today, a time when all of the classic Doctor Who fans are waiting like a groom at the altar for a bride they know is probably beautiful…but they’d like to see for themselves.


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Doctor Who Essentials #1: William Hartnell

With the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who approaching in November, Need Coffee Dot Com celebrates the legacy of the show by examining all Eleven Doctors. Every Doctor will be profiled (one each month) as part of the series.

At the end of each overview is a recommended list of commercially available DVD titles from that particular Doctor. For the sake of simplicity only complete stories will be considered.

William Hartnell as The Doctor in the TARDI


When William Hartnell died at the age of 67, he left behind an intriguing legacy. On one hand he was respected family man and a famous character actor who would go on to become a popular culture icon as The First Doctor in Doctor Who. On the other hand, there have been countless stories that the actor was a prickly fellow on and off the set. When filming Hartnell was known as a control freak notorious for clashing with writers, producers and directors. He took his role as The Doctor seriously and set high performance standards for himself and the creative team around him.


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Doctor Who: The Journey #4: The Keys of Marinus

Doctor Who: William Hartnell in court from Keys of Marinus

Weirdest. Inherit the Wind. Production. Ever.

The Story So Far: Intrepid pop culture adventurers PhantomV48 and Fleshvine have decided to make the long trek through the history of Doctor Who, starting all the way back at jump. They take up their adventure and continue with the madness…

Our Gang lands in a miniature TARDI…what? Oh, it’s been almost a year since we’ve put out one of these? Yes, well, time is funny that way. Especially when you’re writing about a time travel show! Anywho…

Our Gang lands in a miniature TARDIS at a beach that’s full of chunks of glass with a sea made of acid. After wandering aimlessly around this environment, they happen upon a group of one-man submarines. Meanwhile they’re being stalked by a guy in a scuba suit…no, seriously, flippers and all. Susan gets scared, runs off, and falls through a rotating door in a building, because that’s what she’s good at. The group heads up to the building to find her, and soon ends up going through the same rotating door.


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Doctor Who: The Journey #3: Edge of Destruction & Marco Polo

William Hartnell as Doctor Who, with head bandage

This is an incredibly futuristic auto-disinfecting bandage The Doctor is wearing. It's most certainly not a scrap of poncho fabric around his head. It's just not.

The Story So Far: Intrepid pop culture adventurers PhantomV48 and Fleshvine have decided to make the long trek through the history of Doctor Who, starting all the way back at jump. So they just met the Daleks and now they hit the next two adventures…

So, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t mention this outright. The Whoniverse lost a rather important figure this past month, Elisabeth Sladen, better known to fans as Sarah Jane Smith. Though it’ll be quite sometime before we meet her in these travels, we certainly know her character and her impact on the show. She’s without a doubt the most famous of The Doctor’s companions; for many the first–and for many still, the favorite. Far better words have been said about this, some on this very website, so we’ll just direct you to those and continue on our mission.


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Doctor Who: The Journey #2: The Daleks

Doctor Who: Daleks: Violate!


The Story So Far: Intrepid pop culture adventurers PhantomV48 and Fleshvine have decided to make the long trek through the history of Doctor Who, starting all the way back at jump. So they just met the First Doctor in “An Unearthly Child” and now they make the second stop on their journey…

The Daleks

(Told in seven parts: “The Dead Planet,” “The Survivors,” “The Escape,” “The Ambush,” “The Expedition,” “The Ordeal,” and “The Rescue.”)

PhantomV48: So, they break these guys out pretty early, huh? When we last left our heroes–

Fleshvine: –and Susan The Whiny–


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Doctor Who: The Journey #1: An Unearthly Child

DJ Doctor Hartnell from An Unearthly Child

Back row: Ian, Barbara, Carol. Front: Dokter Hartnell: The Mad DJ.

Here’s a new entry into our array of pop culture excavation and analysis. PhantomV48, animator and bon vivant, has decided to plunge into the world of Doctor Who. And run the entire length of it. Knowing that this is not a journey to take alone, he is joined in his adventure by his fiancee, Fleshvine (co-host of the Kinky and the Geek podcast). They’ve packed supplies, a compass, and a bunch of coffee. Here they begin their journey. Wish them luck.

PhantomV48: Doctor Who has been around for 48 years. 48 years. More than half of the people reading this haven’t been alive that long; neither of us have.

Fleshvine: I’m closer than you are, babycakes.


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Win Doctor Who: The Ark on DVD!

Doctor Who: The Ark DVD

It’s a First Doctor adventure from BBC Home Video. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

The BBC brings to retail the digitally remastered Doctor Who classic starring the First Doctor, William Hartnell, Doctor Who: The Ark. In the final days of Earth, the TARDIS lands on a massive spaceship carrying the last members of the human race to a new home beyond the solar system. The humans are not out of danger, however, as a deadly plague emerges from the most unlikely sources: the common cold carried by the Doctor’s (Hartnell) companion Dodo. Will the TARDIS crew find a way to repair the damage they have unwittingly caused? Or are they doomed to face the most devastating consequences? Along with containing this classic adventure, the DVD features bonus materials including audio commentary with actor Peter Purves and director Michael Imison, moderated by Toby Hadoke, a photo gallery, production notes and more.

We have three copies of it to give away. Want to win? Here’s how you do that: enter using the form below. Remember you can enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, you snag it. Good luck!


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