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Dreammaster: Erotic Invader (1996) – DVD Review

dreammaster erotic invader dvd cover


Written by: Jackie Garth
Directed by: Vernon Lumley
Starring: Lisa Boyle, Patrick Ahern, Patricia Skeriotis, Kristen Knittle, Timothy Di Pri

Released by: Artisan
Region: 1
Rating: R
Anamorphic: Nope; full frame all the way.

My Advice: Just rent real porn.

Grant (Ahern) is on the verge of a major breakthrough. He has found a way for people to take control of their dreams. Especially their erotic dreams. Unfortunately he has been so obsessed with his research, his fiancee has dumped him for his best friend. And there’s this aggressive leather-clad nymphomaniac with a whip (Skeriotis) demanding constant sex from him while he dreams. This in itself isn’t bad by a long shot, but his inability to control the dream situation bothers him. He figures it’s probably stress and continues to the human trails. There’s the repressive Dani (Knittle) who wants to live out her fantasy of slipping into bed with her foster brother. There’s the ultra-horny Troy (Di Pri) who wants to make the Beast with Two Backs with a dream babe. And then there’s September (Boyle), a girl with something extra, ESP to be exact. As they all settle down to sleep perchance to dream, Grant and company are not prepared for the nightmare they are heading into.


dreammaster erotic invader boyle ahern

There must be some very horny but very shy men out there for movies like this to exist. You have to put up with wooden acting, stilled dialogue, and crappy production values so you can see some breasts and simulated sex with strategically placed covers in the way. Of course the same issues of quality are present in real porn, but the rewards are so much bigger. You get to see ‘everything’ and the plethora of erotic features to titillate and delight any interest and fetish is staggering. There is at least one video store that rents out skin flicks in every town. And if you’re embarrassed, I know from experience the cashier checking you out is getting minimum wage and couldn’t care less what you’re renting or how kinky your tastes are. He or she is not being paid enough to give a damn. And the Internet is a regular pornucopia with images, video, and chat just a mouse click and credit card number away. There is no reason in this day and age to settle for this soft-core piece of crap. And with no special features on the disc, there is nothing to recommend this movie either dramatically or pornographically. Thank you.

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