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Santa Cthulhu Plushie (2001) – Toy Review

Santa Cthulhu eye closeup

Packaging: N/A

Produced by Toy Vault

Asking Price: US$29.95
My Advice: Own It.

He’s so cute…but so damn evil. Gaze upon that eye there, that unfeeling portal of evil. Makes Sauron look like the wuss we all know him to be doesn’t it? That’s right, it’s bringing Xmas despair no matter what portion of the year you’re sitting in.

This is beyond sick. Not only does the Elder God have a Santa hat perched atop his noggin, but he has little plushie golden bells hanging from his “beard.” He’s also in the Xmas spirit with a red-and-white striped scarf around his neck. Green batwings coming off of its back complete this, probably the most twisted plushie creature you could possibly own.

It’s a thirty dollar purchase, but it’s irresistible for anyone who prefers watching Re-Animator over the Rankin-Bass Xmas cartoons. Indeed, the concept alone is worth the price of admission, even if the doll itself were not put together well. Bonus: it is. The whole toy is well-stitched and isn’t going to fall apart anytime soon, even with all of the hugs that you know you want to give it. Too sick to be believed, buy it already.


Santa Cthulhu!