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The 2004 Golden Chazzie Award Winners: Comics and Toys

Best Ongoing Comic Book Series:

Fables (DC/Vertigo)
Buy Vol. 1.

Best Limited Comic Book Series:

Global Frequency by Warren Ellis and various artists (DC/Wildstorm)
Buy Vol. 1.

Best Graphic Novel/Collection:

Dead@17 by Josh Howard (Viper)
Buy it.

Best Comic Book Writer:

Warren Ellis: Apparat, Global Frequency, Iron Man, Ocean, Planetary

Best Comic Book Artist:

John Cassaday: Astonishing X-Men, Planetary

Best Toy:

Adventure Kermit action figure (Palisades)

Best Playset:

Muppets Backstage (Palisades)

Special Commendation:

FX Edition Sting Sword (Master Replicas)

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