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Star Wars Geeks Demand to Have Their Hearts Broken at the Chinese

Star Wars L33t

You know, I saw this originally on Boing Boing and I didn’t want to comment. But now I can’t help myself.

I understand the rationale for standing in line at the Chinese in order to raise money for their charity. More power to those guys. But standing in line being more important than the movie itself? Especially when, if the last two films are any indication (not to mention the information that’s been leaked online), the movie is almost guaranteed to suck so hard that not even light will escape it? Those people are sad.

“We don’t care if the movie sucks! We just want it to suck at the Chinese!”

What the hell. Have fun in Geekworld. Console yourself with the Revenge of the Sith t-shirt you’re wearing that you bought while complaining about the title the entire time you stood in line to get it. Sleep secure in the knowledge that Lucas is done with the franchise after this.

Well, and the 3-D versions.

And Episodes 7-9.

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