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Sweet Stash of Disneyland MP3s

Disneyland MP3 boxed set

There is a sweet 13-CD virtual boxed set of Disneyland audio goodness now online. Boing Boing pointed this out (originally found on The Disney Blog), and also mention that if you just use the links as is, it’ll pop up in a nasty Java bit.

Update: Oh, well, hell: somebody with more time on their hands than us has reformatted the page so that it will let you grab the stuff directly. He missed a couple, but that’ll probably be fixed shortly. Idle hands makes for a bad teen horror movie, as I always say.

And I say grab em while you can, because when Jim Hill and David Koenig can get shown the door of a Disney park, you just know Lord Mouse is going to step on these folks.

Update: Sadly, it’s all down now. But it was up for a good long time. Hope you got them.

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