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The Friday Timesuck

Satan feels embarrassed

Another Friday, another barrage of bits to help keep your mind going long enough to make it to the weekend. You’re welcome.

The second round of Hail Discardia! has kicked off with new players, new cards, new challenges and the same old mayhem. It’s only beginning to take speed.

Also, if you haven’t entered the slew of new contests yet, do so.

In other Gabfest shenanigans, we have the most disturbing video you’ll ever see, classic art starring monkeys (and a squid), a heartwarming look at how mankind might meet its end, why (as our Holy Father has pointed out), your tat may need revising, the latest freakshow in Florida, and, for all you obscenity-concerned tourists, where not to go to find a giant ice schlong.

There you have it. Now to your scattered bodies go.