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DVD Headsup 5/10, Part 2: TV Goodies

A couple of TV titles that hit this week:

In Living Color: Season Three. From Fox, the further adventures of The Army of Wayans and their many comrades in arms, including David Alan Grier, Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, and more. Twenty-eight episodes are here on three double-sided discs. Which means more of Fire Marshall Bill, Homey, Wanda, and of course…Men on Film. If you’re a fan of the show, you’re going to want to grab this. The third year was probably their best. No features. (US) (CAN)

Quantum Leap: The Complete Third Season. Universal throws all twenty-two episodes of the third season at you in this set, spread across three discs. There’s no features, but you do get to see Scott Bakula do a bunch of embarrassing things, getting ready to really embarrass himself in Star Trek lo those many years later. Here you get the episodes where Sam is a beauty paegant contestant, a black man in love with a white woman in 1965, a guy about to be executed and a pregnant teen. No features, but now that Bakula has some time freed up maybe we can hope for some later. (US) (CAN)