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Untold Tales of FDR #1 (of 3)

First up, let’s get a couple of other winners out of the way, while I have your attention.

The April Mystery Box Winner, who gets a big box of comics since April is traditionally Mystery Comic Box Month, is Kellie Liming of Virginia.

The Long View Contest winner, who wins the CD signed by the band and the swank digital camera, is Polly Johnson of Texas.

And we finally were able to, using the Freedom of Information Act, pry photos from the government of the Untold Tales of FDR. That’s why issue number one is here, and we learned a startling fact:

You know in the G-Force cartoons, how Chief Anderson was the guy who basically plays Professor X to the teen ninjas in the silly outfits?

Bzzzt! Wrong. Chief Anderson is the character they had to put in place for the cartoon because they couldn’t reveal who was really behind G-Force.

That’s right. FDR.

In reality, he trained them and led them. But because this is such new and startling information, we had to make up our own playsets. We are that ahead of the game. So that’s why Laurie Briscoe of Pennsylvania is winning our makeshift Talking FDR/Mark from G-Force twofer playset.

Stay tuned. There’s two more shocking revelations to come.