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The Friday Timesuck

Well, let’s see…the second Discardia game ended and Cosette, who wasn’t even playing, won, making her the undefeated champion. It’s a long story.

We had our in-depth coverage of the new FDR files went up this past week. This week’s Great Debate about Star Wars has been a good one. We’re very pleased with the new pro-filesharing seal, and we absolutely love Geek Fantasies. Brilliant stuff there.

On the Gabfest side of the house, Scott found a message from the Creator, and there’s the new MPAA movement to guilt you into not being pirates.

Much hullaballoo is underway about the PS3 and the new Xbox in our gaming forum, there was a nostalgic look back at the world of Star Wars product suck, and Google may have put SETI@home out of business.

Okay, that’s it. Go indulge. And if you have already indulged, do it some more. Remember: nothing exceeds like excess.