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The Friday Timesuck

Okay, it’s Friday again. We think. Wait. Yes. It’s Friday again. So here’s some stuff to waste your time with.

We urge you to check out our cousin, Red Nose Net, where you can find such lovely bits as the scariest puppet we’ve ever seen, the makings of a brilliant new literary movement, and what’s probably the best music video you will see this year.

On the Gabfest side of the house, Debaser clued us in on the tragic everyday life of Darth Vader, a very odd and probably not necessarily work safe thread about freedom for nipples, a potential outreach to a church we can all agree on, how to have Half-Life invade your (supposed) real life, and Tuffley’s latest Great Debate enters the world of comic books.

So that’s it. Enjoy. Send coffee, if you can.