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This Just In: DC Superheroes

Oh yes, we’ve got DC any way you want it: old school, new school and very new school.

For the new school, there’s the modern animated classic, the original Timm/Dini Batman: The Animated Series, with its third volume. The final twenty-eight episodes are here (three of which come with commentaries from the creators) across four discs. There’s also a featurette on Batgirl.

For the very new school, there’s the new Batman animated series, here with three episodes in a first volume called Training for Power. This comes with a featurette and a game that unlocks an exclusive feature.

Then…old school. Super Friends, baby. The second season has sixteen episodes to offer on two discs. Two featurettes are included, which sound terrifying: “The Ballad of Zan & Jayna” and “Pajama-Rama Super Friends Retrospective.” Huh?