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Headsup: Buena Vista Titles

Some of Buena Vista’s latest, folks. Check it out.

Bride & Prejudice. So it’s a semi-Bollywood version of Jane Austen. It’s not like the book hasn’t been made into big and little screen versions before…why should you care? Well, Gurinder Chadha, director of Bend It Like Beckham is behind this one. And, if we must simply appeal to your baser instincts, then I will simply tell you that Aishwarya Rai is the star. Who, you ask? Former Miss World. Who, you ask still? Okay, fine. Here. Now, for those of you who haven’t fled to go buy this thing, I’ll mention that there’s an audio commentary with Chadha and her co-writer, a making-of featurette, deleted scenes, extended songs, and a convo with the stars. Streeted 7/5.
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Prozac Nation. This release is an interesting one, at least to me, because of its cover. I find this to be a study in what you’re trying to stress about your film, in order to drive sales. To me, this cover says, “We got Christina Ricci nekkid! Come on in!” Either that or, “Massage therapy can be time consuming.” I dunno. Anyway, Ricci plays a chemically imbalanced young writer winds up at Harvard on a scholarship, things should be looking up. But instead, she’s becoming steadily unhinged and more and more depressed. Comes with a Sundance “Anatomy of a Scene” bit. Streeted 7/5.
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The Woodlanders. This is an adaptation of the novel by Thomas Hardy, which, to our knowledge, was not written as part of a competitive sporting event. In a nutshell, Emily Woof plays a young woman who thinks she’s better than the guy she’s had a thing for since she was a kid. Said guy is played by Rufus Sewell. She decides to travel abroad, get married, and then realizes she screwed up royally. I’m sure it’s a laugh riot. Streeted 6/28.
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