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This Just In: McFarlane’s Military

We dig McFarlane Toys. We just do. It’s a combo of the badass sculpts and the fact that Todd had the testicular fortitude to tell the toy companies “Screw you, I’ll do it myself.” And we always respect that attitude.

Branching off into…well, branches, of the military comes Series 1 of the McFarlane’s Military line. While they’re concentrating on modern American fighting men right now, we can’t wait to see when they start branching out and tackling other countries, other time periods.

This series has for its basic figures the Army Ranger, Navy SEAL, Marine Corps Recon Sniper, Marine Corps Recon, Army Desert Infantry, and the Air Force Special Forces Command CCT. Each of them comes with authentic everything: uniforms, gear, and weapons. Each comes with its own custom base as well.

Pretty sweet for something that is apparently (as McFarlane makes it clear on their website) done without the involvement of the DoD. For more pics, check out the site here.