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Kicking it Live With the Urban Dead

Axe in the face!  Yes!

Okay, we’re suckers for anything involving zombies. This is not news. And I actually ran across Urban Dead a while back and started a human character, but the MetaFilter post earlier reminded me.

I’ve got a human and a zombie going on right now. And the zombie is delivering beatdowns already. I could get used to this.

Although, guys, come on: if I’m a human and that bad a shot, I’m going to step closer and empty the gun into the thing’s head at point blank range. Sorry, you just have no idea how much geekified planning we’ve discussed over here in case of a zombie invasion. We’re sad people.

(Pic taken from a photo album of the recent kickass zombie flash mob we’ve mentioned before. Hey, red-headed moldy axe-in-the-face chick! You ROCK!)