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Headsup: America’s Funniest Home Videos

America's Funniest Home Videos, Vol. 1 DVD

Children, gather round and I will tell you a story. Long ago, before there was such a thing as the Internet, Americans had to watch television in order to see their fellow citizens acting like complete doofuses. And this was long before they were doing it to win fabulous prizes, like reality television today that you know and watch too much of. No, this was just somebody happening to be in the right place at the right time with a video camera–no, not a digital one, these actually used tapes–no, I’m serious–and just happening to get a really great shot of their dad getting head butted in the nutsack by the family yapper dog.

Seriously, even though we have the Internet, this show is still on the air. I honestly had no idea. In fact, I never knew it survived past the time when Bob Saget left it. But it did, and the current host is this gentleman, Tom Bergeron. This Shout Factory release is the first volume with him as host (hence, the “With Tom Bergeron” in the title), and comes with twelve episodes across three discs. There’s also the bonus 300th episode, a two-parter, on a fourth disc. If you’re addicted to this show, and appreciate Americans at their most vulnerable, then grab it. We won’t tell anyone.

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