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This Just In: Spawn Reborn Series 3

Bloodaxe Spawn

McFarlane Toys’ summer release of the third series of Spawn Reborn is in stores and, like the majority of their releases, the results are sufficiently badass. Basically, Spawn Reborn is where they take figures from previous lines, throw them back at their artists and get the equivalent of an action figure remix. The results are then re-released to you, the great unwashed masses.

Now that sounds good on paper, and I know what you’re thinking: it’s just a repackaged, rehashed figure. Yawn on toast. And perhaps I’d agree with you for most ideas like this, but I just dig these things. And not just because there’s a lot of black involved.

[ad#longpost]For example, Bloodaxe Spawn is just about as black a figure as you can have. And evil looking to boot. He and my Marv figures are going to go get drinks in a bit. Comes with a bigass shield and spiked mace. This was a variant figure from the Spawn Series 22: The Viking Age line, and from what I can tell they have blackened the hell out of it, along with adding more bits to the armor. So that works.

In addition, this new version of Redeemer, which was originally released last year as part of the Spawn Series 25: Classic Comic Covers 2 line, was originally blue and gold. Now the gold is silver and the rest of the body along with the wings are black. Goes with everything I own. Comes with a nasty sword/axe combo.

The Warrior Lilith we have here is a reworking of the one released in 2003 from Spawn Series 23: Mutations. Less bare skin (sorry, guys) but now she’s covered in a wicked red and black tattoo. Her hair is recolored and what clothing she has is either red or black, with the armor now gold. She also comes with a base and two of the craziest damn swords I’ve ever seen. Plus a bullwhip. So she’s got that going for her.

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