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Weekend Recommendations: Books & CDs

Each weekend,’s staff of whackos will wrack our brains to give you interesting and new things to do over the weekend. Books, movies, whatever. We’ll throw them out, you do with them what you will. And hey…if you have something you want to recommend–whatever it is–drop us a line.

Incidentally, we’ve provided links where we can for you to buy the stuff or find out more if you’re interested, courtesy of those Amazon types.

Hey, come on, we can’t be totally selfless in this, can we? Okay, books and music first…

Book of the Week: Hitchhiker: A Biography of Douglas Adams by M.J. Simpson. Still trying to get the taste of the recent movie out of your mouth? Simpson’s biography of Adams should do the trick. Filled with interviews with people who knew the man, you get to read the background on Adams’ notorious rep for missing deadlines, how the stories Adams told about himself might have been a weeee bit embellished, and offers a complete portrait of the mad genius. This release hits from Hodder & Stoughton with a revised and updated foreward by producer John Lloyd. (Buy it)

Audiobook of the Week: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, performed by Michael York. Afraid of the movie? Of course you are. It’s natural to fear Hollywood. But if you’d like to go back to the primary source material, before Lewis pulled the mask off his allegory and turned a lot of young would-be writers off of his style for decades, go back to the original, for the great fantasy setup. York provides excellent narration in this Harper Audio release. (Buy it)

Comic Book of the Week: The Walking Dead #21 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. The book continues to rock. It’s been doing so for so long, I fear for where it can go from here–but for right now, you’ve got our heroes dealing with somebody else getting bitten and the latest newcomer looks to be causing a completely different kind of problem than the last set of newcomers. Each time we think we know what Kirkman’s got going on, he surprises us. And we like it.

Comic Art Book of the Week: Modern Masters, Vol. 5: José Luis García-López. TwoMorrows seems to be cataloguing and archiving vast amounts of comic book material just about as fast as the Big Two seem to be destroying their legacies. Case in point: the Modern Masters series, this fifth volume of which covers García-López, who is one of those artists that you know even if you don’t know him by name. He’s drawn freaking everything in the DCU just about, and this 128-page book covers his career. You get a who’s who of his major influences, interviews out the wazoo, and more sketches than you would be wise to shake a torn copy of Identity Crisis at. Excellent, excellent stuff. (Buy it)

CD/DVD of the Week: Retaliation by Dane Cook. It’s not news that Dane Cook is a genius. But for those that don’t know his mayhem, this Comedy Central release is a great way to get started. Not only is the damn thing a double-disc album of his material, but you’ve also got a bonus feature DVD with stuff like his appearance at the Denis Leary roast and the Bar Mitzvah Bash, both unedited. For a pretty reasonable price, too. Huzzah. (Buy it)