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This Just In: Python’s Personal Best

There’s always room for Python–we all know this. A&E Home Video knows this as well, since they’ve gotten the surviving Python members to choose their best (acted and/or written) sketches. Those compilations, almost an hour for each of the gents represented here, are being released under the moniker “Personal Best.”

They do boast new material, with Palin revisting the site of the Fish-Slapping Dance and Idle returning to the Hollywood Bowl. They even come with their “Personal Second Best,” an additional slew of sketches, not to mention trivia games.

Now, will the hardcore Pythoner who already owns the A&E Megaset need to pick this up? Probably not. They’ll want to rent before they buy. But if there’s a trog out there who doesn’t know Python, these titles provide a decent array of Greatest Hits material to convince them that they need to get a life and be able to quote extensively from the TV show like the rest of us.

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