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You Say Hypothesis, I Say Theory, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off


Michael Behe, a backer of Intelligent Design, was on the stand this week to defend his idea that Intelligent Design is actually a valid scientific theory instead of what it actually is: rubbish. Be of good cheer, because the people in the courtroom were treated to a nice show, as Behe admitted on the stand that his definition of a theory is a lot more like everyone else’s theory of a hypothesis. And that, under this new, improved definition, astrology would also be considered a valid scientific theory. The folks in the court, as well you might hope, laughed at his silly notions. You can read more about it in the New Scientist article.

Discordian whackjobs that we are, we see this as an opportunity to put a whole mess of stuff back on the table for teaching: not just ID, but also feng shui in home economics classes, and our personal favorite idea–sorry, theory: phrenology.

Therefore, let the movement start here. We demand that public schools across America add phrenology to their curricula. Because we figure if we’re going to be stupid about this, our site’s ethos demands that we be extremely stupid about it. Won’t you join us in tilting at this new windmill? I thank you.

(Footnote: We, of course, would like to point out that because we’re sincere about our recent conversion to Pastafarianism, we would never try to impose it upon other people. Hence, we don’t feel the FSM should be forced on anyone. He is, of course, in each one of us already.)

Image: Taken from here, where, handily enough, you can buy copies to send to your local school boards to further this new movement. Good luck.

All this mess started by MetaFilter.