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This Just In: A Whole Lotta Hitchcock

Hitchcock DVDs

Universal is giving me some alternatives to zombies and other bits of mass chaos, as they’ve released two massive barrages of Alfred Hitchcock upon the world, and any fan would be well advised to pick them up. Check it out…

First, let’s tackle the one that wouldn’t choke a horse, but only a small poodle: the complete first season of Hitch’s television show, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, natch. You get all thirty-nine episodes–over sixteen hours worth of content–spread across three double-sided discs. If the episodes guest-starring the links of Claude Rains, Joanne Woodward and (!) Charles Bronson aren’t enough, then bear in mind there’s a retrospective featurette as well, featuring new interviews with a couple of crew members, plus Pat Hitchcock, Alfred’s daughter.

Second, there’s the freaking huge Masterpiece Collection, sporting fourteen of Hitch’s flicks. They each come on their own disc, with a bonus fifteenth disc that contains the AFI’s salute to the director, a featurette on Hitchcock, and featurettes for The Birds and Psycho. Each film comes with its own goodness, as well: each one comes with production notes and trailers, along with a featurette (though the two aforementioned are split out on their own). For example, Vertigo comes with an audio commentary, Psycho, Family Plot and Saboteur come with storyboards, Rear Window has an interview with the scribe, and Topaz comes with alternate endings. And a lot more. Plus the packaging–the outer box is done up in velvet–is pretty classy stuff.

Like we said, the fan wants these. And if nothing else, Xmas is right around the corner. It sneaks up on you like…well, an antagonist in one of these films.

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