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This Just In: Friendly Warner Brothers Titles

Before we plunge into a weekend film fest of corpses, vampires, lycanthropes and just general blood and carnage, perhaps we should take one last look at some nice stuff. You know, “normal” DVDs.

Warner Brothers is here to provide. For example, first up we’ve got Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which at first sounds terrifying because any film with “Sisterhood” in the title will bring to mind the incredible head scratcher phenom of Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. But it’s nothing like that, I’m pleased to inform you. It’s the story of four friends who, upon going their separate ways for a summer, decide to stay connected by…hang with me here for a second…sharing a pair of pants.

These pants are magical in that they fit all four of them perfectly, even though it’s not like these four are quadruplets with completely alike body types. I mean, none of them has a vestigial tail or anything, but…well, you know what I’m getting at. Each of them get the pants for a week, then they ship it off to the next friend, so they are united by clothing. Based on a young adult novel, it seems like it’s got “will appeal in a limited fashion to young women” written all over, but it’s a good coming of age film that doesn’t make you want to claw your own face off. So that’s always a bonus. Additional scenes come with commentary by the director, Ken Kwapis, and there’s select scene commentary from the cast. You also get behind the scenes footage, a rough cut of the docu that two of the characters are working on in the film, and a convo with the author of the novel.

Next, if we’re going for a younger audience, the second Little Polar Bear movie, Lars and the Little Tiger. The back cover shows the epitome of what the movie’s about: a little polar bear and a little tiger curled up and snoozing together. That means the film is perfect for little kids or people like Dindrane who like cute animals almost as much as they like animals eating people. I know, there’s a bit of a demarcation there. Anyway, this disc comes with making-of featurettes that cover animation and sound FX.

And lastly, there’s the new Tom and Jerry movie, The Fast and the Furry. Why someone would want to, even with an eye towards fast cars, make a reference to this flick is anybody’s guess, but so be it. Like most new versions of classic cartoon characters, it misses the mark as far as what made the original cartoons so great. There’s just no substitute for Chuck Jones. This release, based around reality television (oh dear), comes with a sound effects featurette.

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