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This Just In: TV on DVD From Paramount

CSI: NY: The Complete First Season DVD

If you’re looking for TV shows, here you go: a couple animated…and one very unanimated–at least from a “body lying on a slab” angle. These are all from your friends at Paramount.

First up, let’s talk about crime. How do you instantly get the Needcoffee guys to perk up about yet another CSI show? Get Gary Sinise to star. Sinise rocks–and we will hear no debate on this subject. The quality of the show around him you can smack around all day long, but nobody touches Gary on our watch. From the show, you get twenty-four episodes spread across six discs. Commentary is present from creators and writers, plus interviews with the cast, a science featurette, a tour of the set, and more.

Now let’s move on to the animated sickness. First up is the perennial South Park hitting DVD with their somewhat Kenny-less sixth season with all seventeen episodes included. These include arcs with fill-in friends Butters, Tweek, and a bit where Cartman eats Kenny’s ashes and…well, you can figure where all this is leading. Each episode comes with a mini-commentary from Matt Stone and Trey Parker, that run a few minutes each.

As for the seven episodes included on the Drawn Together set, all of them truly sick and wrong, you get commentary from the cast and crew on four of them. You also get deleted scenes, a game where you get to guess if a line from the show was censored by the network or not, and–dear god–karaoke sing-alongs for songs from the show. Just thinking about that is giving me redeemable coupon points in hell.

For crime, sickness, and shows so sick it’s pretty much a crime, Paramount is there to provide. We appreciate their efforts.
Buy CSI: New York: The Complete First Season from Amazon.
Buy South Park: The Complete Sixth Season from Amazon.
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