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Broken (2005) – Movie Review

Broken poster

Written by Jorge F. Rodriguez, based on a story by Alex Ferrari
Directed by Alex Ferrari
Starring Samantha Jane Polay, Paul Gordon, Derek Evans, Amber Crawford, Tony Gomez

My Advice: Grab it and watch it.

The young lady’s name is Bonnie (Polay). She’s attractive, is apparently living a pretty decent life, but all of a sudden is inexplicably snatched from her home and life by Evil Dude and the Various and Sundry Evil Henchmen. Now she has no idea what the hell is going on, only that a bunch of armed-to-the-teeth people apparently want her dead…and she’s going to die not even knowing why.

God, I hear the whining all the time. Now that content is so cheap to produce and people can create their own movies/books/comics/internal organs, there’s going to be nobody to ensure that there’s a standard of quality! We’re going to be drowning in crap! The only people who actually think this are people who haven’t watched any movies or read any books recently–because we’re already doing a dead man’s float in crap. It’s folks like Ferrari and Rodriguez who put the lie to these ignorant so-and-sos by throwing $8K on the table and making…well, what I would say is a better action flick than anything you’ve seen in cinemas this year…but you haven’t seen any action flicks in the cinema this year. I’ve seen the box office. You’re staying away in droves. You would do better to snag a copy of this, spend twenty minutes being entertained, and get on with your lives.

[ad#longpost]It’s sheer entertainment. You enter, like Bonnie, with a lot of questions and where the whole thing ends up is nebulous. The whole conceit has been done before in multiple ways but not in such a compressed amount of time and not without such concentrated tasty gunplay. You’re there for the atmosphere, the mystery, and the guns. That’s it–that’s all the filmmakers promise, and they deliver.

It warms the black pits of my heart to think this was made on such a budget. We get passed a goodly number of indie films around here, but seldom do we see anything as polished as this short is, and we’ve never seen one done in the action genre that looked this good. Hell, you could hand these two guys MI: 3 and it might draw me into watch it. The Bond franchise. Hell, anything. No, in fact, better yet: I’d like to see these guys make a feature on their own and stay the hell away from Hollywood. Whatever’s out there killing the movie industry is no doubt infectious.

Best indie we’ve seen in a while and the most effective indie calling card we’ve ever seen. The DVD’s $20 and has bonus features out the ass. Go take your movie ticket budget and put it towards this instead.

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