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Your Update on Toast Technology

Hasselhoff etched on toast

Okay, here’s your homework for 2006. Ready?

1. Create a laser etcher for toast. Find details here.

2. Have somebody over at your place–or better yet be at somebody else’s place–who doesn’t read tech blogs or this site.

3. When you’re making breakfast, slip the toast you see in the pic on the right there into the toaster so that it pops up with Hasselhoff’s face on it.

4. Freak out and talk of starting a doomsday cult based around the singer/actor until your buddy almost loses their mind.

5. Push it a little farther.

6. Laugh and pass it all off as a joke.

7. Wait a week and repeat with Erik Estrada.

8. Document all of the above and send it to us here.

NOTE: We are in no way responsible for the loss of life or limb or really anything having to do with you playing with lasers and/or cults. We disavow everything having to do with this post. In fact, we were never here.

MAKE Blog was never here either.