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Dispatches From the War on Sex

Jenna Jameson, fighting for your right to a lap dance: After Jenna opened an adult club in Scottsdale AZ, the city government decided to enact a law to restrict how much contact and nudity these types of clubs could have. We commend Ms. Jameson, porn icon, for not cowering in the face of government sanctioned Puritanism but calling this action what it is: shameless and hypocritical pandering to theo-conversatives. Please check out her website for more information on her campaign. Ms. Jameson, we salute you in a purely non-sexual innuendo kind of way.

Oh Canada, oooooooooooooooh: Canada’s Supreme Court has decided that a club where the members can have group sex in a private establishment and behind closed doors isn’t a threat to the public. The issue of manners dealing with mailing Thank You cards to everyone involved in an orgy is still pending.

Sex toy company wins award, loses stigma: Yes, Orange County has recognized that PHE Inc., who own Adam & Eve, fine puveyors of pornography and sexual aids, is an upstanding corporate citizen and has made them Business of the Year. Besides providing healthy tax revenues, it gives a great deal to charities. So congratulations to PHE Inc. for showing that porn can be good business. Yeah, it’s not news to anybody here, but some people just take longer than others to figure this crap out.