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Wow. Holy Freaking Wow.

Well, damnation, folks. You done did it now. You went and got us nominated for a Bloggie.

We’re up for Best-Kept-Secret Weblog. I’m stunned that not only did we get nominated, but that we can now legitimately say we are “underrepresented.” To everyone who nominated us: many, many thanks indeed.

And now we’re going to have people coming (hopefully) to check us out to see if we’re worth voting for, and damned if we don’t have dirty laundry lying all over the place, the Contests Lab is in a shambles, the Recommendations are late, and a horde of armed wombats has stormed the ventilation shafts.

So for those of you who have come by to check us out…welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Have a Twinkie. I can’t lie but it’s crazy around here all the time, so despite my mother’s admonition not to give people the right impression, this is what we’re about. Highly caffeinated blogging straight from the event horizon of the pop culture black hole. So go vote for us if you like us. And most importantly, tell 99 of your closest friends.

If you don’t like us, inflict us on 99 of most hated enemies. We’re not particular.

And I’m already being hit up for money in an AIM window. WTF, people?