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Odds and Ends for 1-31-2006

Four ideas for individual posts that didn’t quite make it. Doomed to wander WordPress Limbo until…until…AH! SHAZAM! And they’re here!

We would like to humbly add our names alongside Engadget and state that we too want that freaking robot elephant. Dindrane probably already has them in mass production. And I bet they have lasers. I never get the fun toys.

Somebody has posted an article on Wikipedia listing films by order of the number of “fucks” they have per minute. Handy! Useless! But handy! Found via Defamer.

If you’re trying to avoid feeling like a talentless slackass who can’t sell any art to save your life and as a result you should just go home, then don’t click here. Yeah, she’s four. Four. Christ. I’ll be in the nearest Starbucks if anyone needs me. Neatorama ruined your day.

And here’s a moment of WTF to clear your mental palate.